Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Life of Faith. was (pent in (ports and mirth, a year ago ? Certainly a known vanity fhould not'be preferred before a probable endlef joy: But when wehave certainty as well as excellency and eter- nit'', to fat againa certain, tranfrrory vanity, what room is left for further deliberation ? whether we fhould prefer the Sun before afquib, or a fl 1h of lightening that fuddenly leaves us in the dark, one would think fhould be an cattle queflion to refoive. (Up then, and work while it is day : and let us run and firive with all our might. [leaven is at hand as fire as if you law it. You are certain youcan be no !okra by the choice. You part with nothing, for all things :. yoor efcape the tearing of your heart, by fubmitting to the fcratching of a bryer You that will b:ar the openingof a vein, for the cure of a Feaver, and will not forbear a neccffary Journey for the bark- ing of a Dog, or the blowingof the wind : O leap not into Hell to fcape the (linking breath ofa fcorner ! Part not with God, withConfcience, and withHeaven, to fave your pines or your flefh. Chufe not a merry way to mifery, before a prudent fober preparation for a perfeet everlafting joy. You would not prefer a merry cup before a Kingdom. You would let go .a lffer delight or commodity for a greater here : Thus a greater fin can forbid the exercife of a Gß: And (hall not eadlefs joy weigh down a brutifh loti or pleafure ? If you love pleafure, take that which is true, and full, and durable. For all that he calleth you toRepentance and M:,rt,fr. cation, and neceffary ftriOnefs, there is none that's more tot your pleafure and delight than God : or elfe he would not of fer you the rivers of pleafure that are at his right hand ; nor himfelf to be your perpetual delight. If youcome into a room where are variety ofpilures, and one is gravely reading or meditating; and another with acup or harlot in his hand, is profufely laughing, with a gaping grining mouth; would you rake the latter or the former to be the pilure of a wife and happy man ? Do you approve of the fiate of thofe in Heaven? and du you like the way that brought them thither? rf nor, why (peak you of them fo honourably ? and why would yött keep holydaies in remembrance of them ?. If you 'do ; ex- ani:te the fatted records, and fee whether the >l,poilcs and others 57