Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

66 The Life of Faith. it valued by all at last ? And how baíely is it efteemed now by the moll ? Now it is no more worth with them, than to be fold for unneeeffary fports,iand cafe, and wafted in idlenefs and vain delights : But then, when it's gone, and all's too late, how loud would they cry, ifcrycs could call back Time again ! O then what a mercy would it Teem, if God would try themonce again ! and truft them but with another life, or with Hezekjah's fifteen years ! or but with fifteen daies, or hours, upon filch terms of grace, as they held that life which they abufed ! It amazeth me toobfer ve the lamentable ftupidiry of ihe world, howhard they beg for time when they think it is near an end ! and how carclefly they let it hide away, when they have ftrength and faculties to improve it They arc grie:voufly afraid lett death deprive them of it ; and yet they are not afraid to deprive themfelves of the ufe and fruit ofit, and to cart it away as contemptuoufly, as ifit were an ufelefs thing. I feldom come near a dyingman, but I hear him complain of the tors of Time, and with it were to fpend again, that it might be better valued and ufed. And yet the living will not be warned. O value Time, aswife men, while you have it; and not as miferable fools, when it is gone ! If our Lord Paid, I muff do the work of him that fent me while it is day ; for the night cometb when no man can work, Joh. 9.4 What need then have fuch as we to be doing, and makemuch oftime? O let not company, mirth or bufincfs, make you forget the work ofTine! Can you play, or loiter away your hours, with Eternity in your eye ? Get the Sun to Rand frill, and Time to make a truce with you, and to warte no more of the oyl of life, before you lofe another hour. 0-whatheads, what hearts have all thofe men, that hand- ing againft the verge ofan endlels world, can think they have any time to fpare ! Hath Godgiven you too much ? If not, why do you lofe it ? Ifhe hath, why are you loth that he fhould (horten it? You would not throw away your gold, as contemptuoufly asyou do your time ; when an hours time is more valuable than gold. Frownon that company that would rob you ofhalf an hours time. Tell them you have fomething elfe to do, than to fealt, or play, or talk away your time unncceffarily. , O tell them you were not made for nothing.