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68 The Life of Faith. begin : Pulchrum eft (inquit idem) conjumsnare vtram ante mor- tem ; 6- exp.. tare Jecure reliquam tempori: pattern.] Do the great work, and then you may comfortably fpend the mil in waiting, for the conclufion. Yet you have tiene, and leave,and helps : you may read, and treditaie, and pray, if you will : but fhortly Tune will bc no more. O let not Satan infult ovwr your carkaffes and tormented fouls, and fay, [Now it is too late ! Now murmure and repent as long as you will ! Now pray, and cry, and (pare no !] O ufe that Faith which beholdeth the invifìble world, and maketh future things as preftnt, and then delay and loiter if you can : Then wafle your hours in idlcnefs or vanity if you dare ! either light or fire (hall awake you. 4. Suffer as Believers. Fear not the wrath ofman; but in- dure as feeir.g him that is invifible, H.b. i t. 2,7. thew plainly, that you leek a betterCountry, verf. 14, 16. Read often, Hob. at, and i a chopters, Behold the Kingdom prepared and fe- cured for you by Chrifl,and then you will be indifferent which way the wind of humane favour or applaufc (halt fit; or what weather Lunatick influences and afpeds (hall produce. Such a Faith will make you with Abraham, to turn your back on all, and engage in Pilgrimage for an inheritance after to be received though heknew not whither he went, (with a diflin6 particular knowledge) Heb. it. 8. As orangers and travellers, you will not be troubled to leave towns and fields, buildings and wealth, and walks b:hind you, as knowing that you were but to paf by them, defiring and feeking a better, that is, an heavenly: And you [hall lofe nothing by this paf- fìng by all in the world: For Godwill not be afhamed to be called your God; and be bathprepared for you a City, Heb. t t.:3,t 6. S:rioufly refpeet the recompence of reward, and it will make you chufe rather tofuffer affiaion with thepeopleof God, than to enjoy the pleafures offin for a feafon; offesming the reproach of Chriff greater riches. than the treafure.r of the world, v. 25, 26. Stephen's fight would caufe Stephen's patience. Hold on as Chriflians ; the end is near : Let us run with patience the race that itfit before us ; looking to 7efus the Author and Finifher of our Faith; whofor the joy that was,jet before him, endured the Groff, defpiftng the(home, and is fet down a the right hand of