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74 The Life of Faith. Chriftsenemies will receive his Laws, and ufe his Meffengers, and regard his wares and farvants, the molt of the world have experience to their colt. The intereft ofthe fle(h, being con- trary to Chills intereft, the competition maintaineth a con- tinual conflid. The Word of God doth teem to be againit. them: The faithful Minifters that would fave them from their fins, dofeem to wrong them, anddeal too boldly with them. Were it an Elijah, he would becalled, The troubler of Ifrael; and met with an [Haff thou foundme 0mine enemy] Nomea- futcof prudence, knowledge, piety, innocency, mecknefs or felf- denyal, will ferve to appeafe the wrath and difpleafure of this carnal enmity. If it would, the Apoftles had cfcaped it or at !call it would not have fallen fo furioufly upon Chrift himfelf. Nay, thefe are the oyl that incrcafe the flame. And Satan hath Rill the bellows in his hand : He knoweth that ifhe cancorrupt or win the Commander, he can rout the Army, and ruine themwith the greateft cafe. It hath been Satans grand defign, tince the Chriflian name was known on earth, to advance the felfifh intereft of men againft the intereft of Chrift ; and to entangle the Rulers of the world in tome caufe, that Chri(i, and his Word, and Servants cannot favour, and fo to make them believe that there is a neceffity on them . towatch againft, and fubdue the interelt ofaria. As ifit werenecelläry that the fhore be brought to the boat, and not the boat to the (bore : And that the Phyfician be brought to the Patients mind, or elfe dettroyed or ufcd as his enemy. I am afraid to fpeak out the terrible words of God in Scripture, that are againft fuch perlons, left you (hould mifunderftand me, and think I mifapply them. But Chtift fearcth no man, and bath not fpokcn his Word in vain ; and his Meffengers muttbe faithful; for he will bear them out ; and preventive cautions are eafier and fafer than reprehenfive corrafives. I will but refer you to the texts, that you may punk them, Math. 21. 44. Matto. 18. 3. 6. Matth. 25.4o, 45, Luke 18,7.Pfal.2. Luke 19.27. Atis 9. 4, 5. r 7hrff 2. 15, 16. Read themwith fear as the Words of God. Bleffed arc thole Rulers and Na tions of the Earth, that perceive and efcape this pernicious fnare ofthe grand deceiver; that with all his fubtilty and indu. fry, endeavoureth to breed quarrels, and fow diffentions be- tween them and the univcrfal King. The