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76 The Life ofFaith.` ufed as the Kingdoms of the Lord, ifthe everlaftingKingdom were well believed. The families of men would be fan tified as Churches unto God, if the eternal houfe not made with hands, were truly taken for their home, and their trade were to lay up a treafure inHeaven. In Cities and Countries Bre- thren would dwell in holy peace, and all concur in honour- ing God, if once they were, made fellow Citizens with the Saints, and rh it Burgefhip and converfation were in Heaven, Epbef, 2. 19 Phi. 3. 20, 2 t. 6. RefiIt Temptations as Believers. Ifyou live by Faith, then fight againfi the world andPAh by Faith. Faith muff be your helmet, and the Word of Faith mutt be your fhield, Epb. 6. 16. And your victory it feltmuff be by Faith, 1 Job. 1. 4, IfSatan tell the flefh of the preferment, riches, or the pleafures ofluli, anfwer himwith a believing forefrgbe of Gods Judgement, and the life to come. Never look on the baits of fin alone, but Rill look at once on God and on Eternity : As a juft- Judge will hear both parties (peak, or fee their evidences before he will determine: So tell the Tempter, that as you have heard what flefhly allurements can fay, you will fee alto what the Word of God faith, and take a viewof Heaven and Hell, and then you will anfwer him. 7. Rjjoyce as Believers. Can Faith let open the windows of the foul, and no light of heavenly pleafures enter ? Can it perufe theMap of the Land of Promife, or fee and tafle the bunchof Grapes, without any fweetnefs to the foul ? That is the trueft Belief of Heaven, which maketh men likefi thole thatare in Heaven : And what is t heir cbaraller, work and portion, but the Joyes of Heavenly Light and Love l Can we believe . that we (hall live in Heaven for ever ? Can we believe that very fhortly we (hall be there ? and not rejoyce in fuch believing ? I knowwe commonly fay, that the uncertainty of our proper title, is the caufc of all our want of joy : But if that were all, if that were the flit} and greateff caufe, and our belief of the promife it felfwere lively, we fhould at !call fee oar hearts on Heaven as the ma delightful and deferable (late : and Lovewould work by moreeager defires, and diligentfeelt ings, till it had reacht affurance, and calf out the hinderances ofourjoy. How much would a meer Philofophcr rejoyce, if he