Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C9 love, dndheavenlynefs, on their own fouls which they muff Preach to others, this will do more hurt, than the peoples choice of better men. y.Yea if men ofsùch dotrine could once make Princesand people believe,that the people ought to receive only filch Pastors as Princes choofe for them, ir may do more harm than all our fees do : For leas cannot cast out religion at once ; Nay ufually they perifh themfelves by their own divifions and (flame before they can ruine the Church. But Princes might change Religion as oft as the Moon changeth. And ifgood Princes were but the tenth part as rare, as they thought that laid [ In ono annsslo ] &e. what then would become of Religion in the World ? LIV. And though we profess our great deteftation of Church-Schisms, and our lamen- tation for the fad cafe of there Nations, and the Chriftian world, by reason ofthem, believe- ing that Schiff(' should be odious to all Chrifti- ans; yet we are part doubt that aggravating forne differences and breaches paffionately by odious names, hath been Schismatical, by make- ing the diftance Teem much greater than it was, and rendering Dissenters odious to others, and teaching Adverfaries and ignorant perlons, to reproach men as guilty of more Schifm than they are guilty of indeed. Among the Papists, if they unite in the Pope, they pats not for Schifmaticks or Hereticks, who differ in all thole many and great points, which H. Fowlis, Montalms, the Jefuirs Morals, Mr. Cla<kfon, &c. recite, viz. about Murder, Adultery, Fornica- tion, King killing, feldom Loving God 8(c. And 'among