Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

Tio5l out,is not the wilful Separatifi : Nor is he bound to continue without Church Communion, and Paftoral overfight. LXVI. 20. If thole that live in a Parifh where the Incumbent by utter Infufficiency, Herefie, lifurpation, Malignity or Wickednefs, is Inch as men maynot lawfully own, or commit the Paftoral Condu t and care of their fouls to, íhall defire the Paftoral care of the next Parifh- Minifter, and communion in that Parith Church, and may not be admitted, but all other Parith Minifters are by Canon commanded to refute them, and to turn them home to their own Parifh-Priefi s and Churches, fo that they mutt either commit their fouls to loch uncapable perlons, and own them as Chrilfs Ministers, or have none at all, we dare not charge thofe perlons with Schifm, if they commit the care of their fouls to worthy ordained men, though not allowed but prohibit- ed by the Magiftrate : For the reafons before given.Yea if they know that Church-Laws forbid all other Paryh.Priegs to receive them, we fee not that they are fir-ft bound to offer themfelves to loch as profefs obedience to thofe Laws. Obj. i. But force take a meer Reader for un- capable that cannot preach, or one that cannot pray without Book, or a young man that is not able to refolve doubts, or cafes ofconfience : but our Ca- non 57. faith, that the Sacraments are equally ef- fec`lual, wheth- r they be adrninifbred by a Preacher or no Preacher. Arf, r. By an uncapable perfon we mean fuch as is titre, ly unable to peform the Pafloral du- ties which Chrift hath commanded, and mens fouls greatly need (which among others Dr. Hammond