Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1071 ner ofadminiftrin.g much contributeth, as exppe rience proveth. Obj. But Sacraments operate not as Lawyers and Phyfcians do, by the skill of the Minifter, but by God'sgrace and bleffing. Anf. r. But God's grace ufeth to work ac-: cording to the aptitude of means morally, as constant experience proveth : And the word which is ufeJ in the Sacramental adminiftration, teuft be regarded, and fo muft other waies of teaching as well as by Sacraments. 2. And we cannot expert God's bletlïng in a way of fin, when we own one for our Paftor whom we ought not. 01)), But fome take a man to be uncapable if he be but a firmer worfi than ordinary, as a drunkard, fornicator,fwearer, perjured, afcorner at diligence in Religion, C.c. whereas the Miniflers fin depri- veth not the people of the benefit of God's Ordi- nances. Anf, r. He that not knowing the Minifter to be fuch a one, or by true neceffity ufeth fuch a one, yea or by ignorance thinketh that he Mould not avoid him, if he be himfelf a true Believer, may have God's Covenant fealed to him by the Sacrament, which fuch a one delivereth : Yea, by an Ufurper or meet Lay-man that is in pof- fef lon, and miftaken for a Minifter : If a man forge his Orders, or intrude uncalled, or be an obtruded ufurping Bifhop, the people cannot al wales detect it Nor do they lofe their right to God's Sacraments, becaufe the man hark (un- known to them) no right to adminifter them : But if they know fuch an one, they Mould not own him as a Minifter of thrift, fo far as to truft their