Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1431 was Lawfully Impaled, 2. Or whether it was Lawfully T-iken, 3. Or whether it bind as a League, 4. Nor whether it bind to any unlawful thing ( which all renounce) But, 5. Whether as a Vow made to God, it bind to things neceffary ( as againft Schifm,Profanenefs,Popery: to Repent, &c.) to which ;men were before bound by other obligations. Nor whether they that took it not bebound by it to repent,&c.but whether no one perfon in the three Kingdoms, who took it, be fo bound : And that fince the Scots drew his Ma- jelly to feem to own it ( which we judge they did unlawfully.) II. All Parents who will have their Children baptized, muff fubmit them to the figs of the. Crols,as it is after defcribed. Andfo muff all that are to be baptized at agefubmit themfelves to it. III. All perlons that have Children to be baptized mull conform as followeth T. They muff procure three perlons to be Godfathers and Godmother, who mull perfonally prefent the Child to be baptized, and mull promife and Vow to God in the Childs name the duties of the Covenant, and mull in the nameof the Child fay [ that he renounceth the Devil and all his works, the vainpomp and glory of the world &c, and that he ftedfaftly believes-h all the articles of faith , that he will he baptized and that he will obediently keep Gods holy will and Command ments, &c. 3 Not that they believe, content &c, but that he (the Child ) cloth believe, defre, e'co And it is not a meer promife for the future [ I will believe and renounce, &c.3 but a profefon for the prefent time [ I do believe ftedfaftl and I do renontyca ].rind in the Catechifim it is Paid that [Regen-