Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

621 to an Implicit Faith, to believe as theConvoca- tion believeth,even in Calendars, when we know not what they believe themfelves. For my part i mull: confefs that after all this Dr. (Pell they fay) bath faid ofanother fenfe of theword [full Moon] I know not yet what he meaneth, ,o .. Whether the Convocation meant that none Ihould Preach Chrifts Gofpel that understood not this ftrange fenfe of the [full Moon] that is [nofull Moen] and yet would not by one line expound it to us, to keep us from being call out and ruined ? Or whether they meant that all men Mould be forced and taught to fubfcribe or declare affent to that which they never under- flood ? when I had never yet the advantage of fpeaking with one Bithop, or conformableDr. that underftood the word [ full Moon] as this DoCor taught them (whether in good earneft I know not.) And ifour Conformity muff be thus performed, by equivocation implicitly, contrary to the common fenfe of mankind, we fhall yet fufpend it, till we know how much further we have to go, if it be blindfold that we muff be led ; and refer all toGod our final Judge, whole judgment we are near, " 4. We Affent to, Approve of and Content to, there words in the Preface [ we are fully "perfwaded in our:odgernents (and we hereprofefs " it to the world ) that the Book as it flood " before ofablfhed by Law ; cloth not contein in it '` any thing contrary to the Word of God,or tofound " Doctrine, or which a Godly man may not with c` a goodConfience ZJfè acrdfibmit unto, or which is not fairly delenfiale 1a4 any thatfull cppofe thefame, Jc. J z. Plat'. 'ios. z$. The words in the