Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

66] as well hinder their'Afrenting to the Bible in our tranflations. And indeed we know no Noncon- formift who would declare or fubfcribe. that he loth Affent to, Approve and Content to all things Contained in the Bible according to any Tranflation, but only all things Co,stained in the Bible as it Was delivered by the tarred writers and in all Tranflatioiis fo far as they truly fzgnifee oc exprefr that tous. But if they might but fay, as one part expounds the Declaration, [We Agent, &c. Tb all things Contained, &c, That are not by humanefrailty 3niffaken ] they would loon Con- form herein. 6. The Calendar in the Common Prayer appoinreth the . publick reading of the Books called.4pocrypha beginning September 28. And fo Continuing to November 24. Every day of the week, except the proper Lesions interpofèd. Part of the Apocrypha to be read are the Book of Tobit, ?tidal', Bell, and the Dragon arc. 2. Learned Bifhop and Divines of the Church of England have written to prove that thefe Books are not only Aprocryphal but fabulous, and have manifeft untruths ; ris that the intralis of a ffh will drive away all Devils and keep them from returning When Chrift faith [ This kind goeth not out but by Faftirg and And when the Angel faith that Ile Was the fonof Ananias -'Î the tribe of1 6 pthali, ] &c. 3. Thefe Books are to be read juft in the place and order as the Sacred Scripturesarc;änd under the fame title of the [ Iirf Lefon ] Only called Apocrypha in the Bibles. But i. It is not appoin- ted that the Prieft tell the people fo : 2. If it were they underhand not Commonly what 4pocrypha]