Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[1801 profefsand oblige our (elves not to be aJhamed to confefi thefaithof Chrift Crucified, andmanfully to fight under his banner againft fin, the world and the Devil, and to continue Chrifts faithfulfervants andfotrldiers to our lives end.And that by this we are dedicated to God ; And that we take it as an honourable badge hereof. 5. Note that the . 4rinifier 1peaketh as Gods Officer from him, and doth not reprefent the Child, nor fpeak as in his name ; that being the part afligned to the God- fathers ; And the thing fignified by him in his ufing this fign is, that he doth as Chrifts Minifter dedicate him by thisfign, to the fervice of him that dyed on the Cry's, the name whereof reprefents the benefits beftowed on him in Baptifm, (which are all the benefits of that Covenant) and to oblige him to this end, not to be ajhamed to confefs the faith of drift Crucified, and manfully to fight under his banner (as aforefaid;) And that this be a badge or fymbol of his Chriftian profeffion. 5.Thegreat fear ofthe Nonconformifts is, left this be a fecond facrament of the Covenant of graee made by man added to Baptifm, or at leaft have moft of the nature and ufes of it And left Chrift will take it as an invafion of his prerogative fo to ufe it , and to make a new badge or fymbol of our Chrifiianity ; As the King would take it ill of one that would without him, make a badge or fymbol for his fubjec`ts as fub- jeas., or of the order of the Knights of the Garter as fuck. And the rather, becaufe it is theof of an Jmaffe, (though tranfient) in Gods Woofyip, and to 1ì ch high ends. Xli. The Rubrick which we muff Afrenr, Approve and content to, faith, that [ There pail n e