Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

timg&mm&&&&,«! ^ 5 s ^ « 5 9 « & s c » . «$» *$* «‘ji> « $* «^» * $ * «|k» « i i « ^ r «$», 5 k c r. The Reafans ofthis writing f and the fenfe of the fiord [C HUR ch] : r ~Jt¥ wa£ the faying of'adute and holy B guftine ( though we call him not with S Froriiondtts Qmntfcium) T that no mad JL ought to b( patient undtr an accufation of H e r e f i e .He m6aheth by Patience, z filent neg- lett ofhis own fuft Vindication:Not that we mult be like Heftoring Duellersy that would kill or hurt others in revenge, or iii a finful way df Vindication: But by filenee, thole that Hander tnen may be encouraged in their fin to their own deftruftion, and thole that valhe the flan- dered perfo'ns may be tempted to think tod well offferefie for their fakes : And the honour of God, and his Truth, and oiir own good names, fo far as they are lerviceablc, are none of them to \be difregarded. - We have with grieved Ibulsbeheld the Land of our Nativity B dill;rafted