Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

3 Peace and Concord, are names that are molt commended ; when if molt were for.ththings indeed, we were in a hopeful way ofrecovery AndalMalice,Schifm and Difeor4, are cryed down by thole, whom no intreaty will prevail with to forbear them, or to accept any remedy againft them. Yet we are thus far prepared for peace, . that if we be not falte Hypocrites, if we did but know which is the true way of Love,.P, ace and Concord, we would follow it : And if we kìew what is Schifin indeed, we would avoid ir. And its pity that men that think themfelves wife fhould yet not know the way ofLove and Peace: Efpecially that the Learned Preachers of the Gofpel of Love and Peace, should fill be the incendiaries, and fir up the Laity that would be more peaceable, againft each other. And that after fo many Volumes of Hiftory have thefe thirteen hundred years at leafy, afperft the Clergy with the reproach of being the contentious troublers of the world. And yet mutt we defpair ofa cure of fo odious a dWfeafe ? The thing that Books, Sermons, and Dfcourfes, cry out againft thofe called Non Conformzfs for, is Humorous, Obfiinate Schi/in, and Difobedience, in Preaching, when forbidden, and keeping up AP femblies not allowed, and gatheringChurches out of Churches 8& feparating fioai the !'arifh- Communi- on, andChurch of England. Ifwe can find out the Schifmatick, we hope he will be condemned by us all. But that the Caufe may be heard,at leaft in fome part, before it is judged, we that pub°- lift this, here give an account of our own judg ment, and thole that we are bet acquainted with, B 2 how