Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

111 fie Miniferst of Chrifl: may, and fhonId °reek she cower/ion of infidels, and plant Churches of the converted, ordaining ?sours over them bÿ their co-nfent, and taking due care by their grave *clvife that filch Churches walk in the obedierìc ofCyril}, as far as they can procure it ; And torch Seniors which havefo planted theft Churches and Paflors by Gods bleffing on their labours, fhould be much reverenced by the Churches which they have planted, and their juft advife, exhortations and admonitions Mould be heard by the People and the Paflers whom they ordained, and all their juniors : And though the Apofilet have no fuccelfours in their exttaordinari°es, yet that fbrre mould in this ordinary work 'fucceed them, we deny not, becaufe I. We find that it is a work í1i11 necelfary to heddne : 2. And others as well as Apofiles did it in thofè times ; as Silas, Luke, Apollo, `I'smothy, lïtus, &c. and fince, all filch as have planted the Gofpel among Infidels. Becaufe Chrilt promifed to be with them that did this work to the end ofthe world,Mat.28.2r. But whether fùch men be of a different office or order from the j.îiuior Paftors ; whether any true Presbyter that path ability , opportunity and invitation, may not do the fame work with Infidels ; and by his faeces, and feniority may not fù ordain Palfors Over the Churches which he gathered ; and have an anfwerable right to reverence and regard from thole that he fo planteth, and ordaineth ; are controverfies which we prefiame not now to decide. And we cannot prove that this maketh a di- lint firmof a Church, no not in the Apojlles time and cafe : For we cannot prove that they