Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[izj then Prince, and now moitly fubjea to an Infidel. Yea it is f#range to us that the firft Seat (Rome) Mould derive its pretended power from two Apoftles ( as if our Church might have two Bifhops ) and the fecond ( .Alexandria ) from Saint !Clark, who was no Apoftle, and the third ( Antioch) from the fame Apofile that Rome did, ( as if one Bi/hop might have two fuch Diocelès, ) and the fourth (7erufalem) from St. lames, commonly Paid to be no Apoflle and the !aft ( which became the fecond or the firft ) from no Apoflle, nor make any fuch pretence ; if thirteen Apoftolick Provinces were then known. But we eafily acknowledge, that as Apoftles having planted many Churches Raid a while in each, when they had fetled it, and fome time vifited it again; fo they are by force hiftorians called the firft Bifhops of thole Churches, being indeed the Irantent Governours of them : In which fente one Church might at once have two or many Bifops, and one Bi/hop many Churches, and he be Bithop ofone Church this week, who was Bifhop ofanother where he came the next. Setif, VI. Chriftian Community, (prepared to he a Polity) and a Chriftian family, and a Chriftian Kingdom, we doubt nor may all prove their Divine Right ; And ifany will call thefe Churches, let us agree of the definition, and we will not flrive about the name. SeR.VII. We know not ofany proof that ever was produced,that many Churches of thefirfRan&, muß (of duty) make one fixed greater compound Church, byAffociation,whether Claf ical,Diocefan, Provincial, Patriarchal, or National : and that God hath inftituted any fuch Form : And we find the