Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

L141 nicate; whofe proximity and relation to the Pa- rifh-Churches do make them capable of Perfo, nal Communion in clue fealons with the Whole Parifh (at leaft per vices) in tholeChurches, and in their converfation : And as a finde Congre- gation may prudently in perfecution, or foul weather, meet oft-times in feveral houfes ; fo the great Church of ?erufaler (though it cannot be proved a quarter fo big as fome of our Pa- riffles) might in thole times when they had no Temples, hold their publick Meetings oft at the fame time in divers houfes ; and yet be capable ofPerfonal Communion, as it is bef)redefcribed. See. II. It is not inconfiderable to our confirmation, that fo worthy a man as Dr. Hamond loth over and over, in his Differtations againft Blundell, and in his Learned Annotations on the newTeltament, affert all the matter of fan which we are pleading for, viz. That the word [ Presbyter ] and [ Pitfior ] in the New Teftament is ever taken for a Bifhop . That it belonged to the Bifhops office to be the Preacher to his Church, to vifit all the Sick, to take care of all the Poor, and to take Charge of the Churches flock, to adminiftex the Sacrament, &c. And ( as he faith on A61s II. .6. ) " 7hat although - >this Title of7pur.eilTseyt, Elders, " have been all .extended to fecond order in the "Church, and is now only in t /e for them, under the mane of Presbyters,, yet in the Scripture- " time it belenged. principally, if not abine, to " B,fhops,, there being NO EVIDENCE that any of that fecund Order were then "inflituted, though foon after before the writing of Ignatius's Epilfles, there mere.fuch inffituted in " all Churches.] Sea