Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

19_I . And as to Genfericru. and Hunnericus's I,tfurpation, it was then ordinary with the Bi- fhops even ofRome, to fubmit to men that had no better title ; and alas, how few of many of the old Roman Emperours had any better (at leaf, at firf.) XXV. We doubt not at all but that Kings are the Governours of Biíhops, and Churches, by coercive power, as truly as of Phyficians, or other Profefions : And though they have no Authority to abrogate or fufpend the Laws ofChrift, yet they have a Power of Legiflation, under Chrift, as Corporations for By-laws have under them : which power is on- lyabout thole things which God hath left to their determination; and not either aboveChrift, againft Chrift, or in coordination with Chrift, but only in fuch fisbordination to him, and to his Laws. XXVI. How far Rulers have power (or not) to command things indifferent, and how far things fcandalous and evil by accident, force of us have opened already difinâly, and need not here repeat. XXVII. And we have there ¡hewed, that as they may regulate Phyficians by Generai and Cautionary Laws, but not overthrow their Call- ing on that pretence, by prefcribing to the Phy- fician all the Medicines which he ¡hall ule, to this or that Patient, at this or that time, &c, fo they may make fuch General and Cautionary Laws, circafacra, i. As ¡hall drive Bifhops and Paftors on to do their certain duties : 2. And as ¡hall duely retrain them from fin and doing hurt : 3, And they may punifh them by the (word