Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

THE NONC ON FOR MI ST S PLEA for PEACE: OR An Account oftheir].uaggment. Incertain things in which they arc mis underaood: "written to reconcile and pacifié fuch as by miftaking them hinder Love and Concord. Exhort. in the Liturgy before the Communion. Ifanyofyou bean hinderer, or flanderer of God's Word,--or be in malice or envy, --Repent of e your fins, or elfe come not to the holy Table, left after the taking of that Sacrament, the Devil enter intoyou as he did into judas, and fill youfull of all iniquities, andbringyou to deftruc`iion both of bodyandfoul. By RICHARD BAXZ:ER. LONDON, Printed forBenj. Alfóp at the Angel and Bible over against theStocks-Market. 1679.