Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[65 which colt Rhodo and. Arfenius their lives, and. Paulus his contemptuous dcpofition, btu the Emperours juftice. Should we but run over the hiftory of other great Churches, cBecially Rome, Conftantinople, Antioch, Ep.oefds, Cefare,a, alas how fadly would it thew that neither Emperours nor fynods aiurning the power did end Inch Schifines, but increafe them, where the.Bifhopricks were fo great as to feem á verte defirable prey : But where they Were fmäll and poori, there was far greater peace and quiet. nefs, though the people commonly had their choice, and every where their content was fudged neceffary ; the proofs of which migll ,hill a Volume. See in Sfnodo Romano gaiarto fub Symmacho (in Binnio Vol. 2. p. 288.) d.c. the' claim of Odoncer that . no Bifhop of Ron fhould be made without the content ofthe King of It4ly ; And the Biíhops Beeches againft Even in the dales of Gregor. r. Rom. You may fee how things went, by the confiant tradition of the Church ; Epi(; zz.. (in Bin. [Poi, z. 759. Mecitar ) [ natalemS.alonitana Ecclefac fra- trern & coepz f opain noffram obiYe difcurrens in partibus ifbis fama vu1 avit : 4od fi vermin of experientia tua Omni inflantia omnigiac folicitur i CL ERUN1 & POPULAIN1 ejufdemCivitatis admonerefeétisáet; quatenas roc;o confofva ad ordï- nandum fi debeant elisere Sacerdotem ; faR-oque inperfonam qua f rit eleeta decreto,,'ad nos gant mittere fludebis; at cu; a noi`7ro ccnfenid fleur pri f ' cis fuit temporibus ordinetur. Iliad pra omnib, . tibi cura ft ut in hac eiec`lione nec datio quibuffe snodis interveniat pramiorum, nec quarstmlib e p rfonarta' patrocinia convalefcant ; namf quá- E Manda