Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BS2096.A1 1701 .P3

`1he Firmel. Ime and Work end ; Bleft Souls are gone before Confuted Lights may ferve to kindle more; The Dead can fpeak : God can his Lamps reftore. The Winds that blow them out, will quickly ceafe : High Pride, rough Paillon, God can foon appeafe ; TRUTH, LOVE, and CONCORD raife with great encreafe. The WISE, PURE, PEACEABLE, for this he'll chufe, PROUDWORLDLLNGS, RAGING FOOLS he will refufe, And Snuffers, not Extinguilhers, will ufe. Yet Satan will not ceafe : Tares will be fown, RULERS and GUIDES he'll flrive to make hisown; Ey STORMS and SCANDALS force will be o'erthrown. Diotrephes muff rule, 7udas be rich, The Ignorant will err, young Ears will itch : The Blind will lead the Blind into the Ditch. Lord, convert Saul ; check ,7ewifh rage, And Setts, which fad Church -wars do wage: Let LIGHT and LOVE. proud WRATHafiwage. Eut thofe bleft Souls who dwell with thee Better things fee, And better be, Than Adam, or the Golden Age.