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PARAPHRASE A ON THE jatt ti recitament, WITH NOTES! VoEtrinaland 7'radical, B Y PLAINNESS and BREVITY fitted to the Ufe of Religious FAM I LI ES, in their daily Reading of the Scriptures ; and of the Younger and Poorer fort of Scholars and Miniflers, who want fuller Helps. With an Advertifementof Difficulties in the REVELATIONS. By the Late Reverend Mr. R I CHA RD BAXTER. Vac2Ibttti enitttott QCoge taa. To which is added at theEnd, Mr. Baxter's Account ofhis Notes on forne particular Texts, for which he was huprifon'd. Jofh. 24. r 5. Chafe you this day whomyou will f rve, bat tis for me and my hou/ë, we willferve the Lord. LONDON, Printed for C. pat:i$ijtti°tf, at the Bible and ThreeCrowns at the lower -end of heapfde; ea, and lobn '= pgM, at the'Bell inLittle-Britain ; 3, Zoplo at the Ship,and 3. Cl9 t) at the Role, in St. Paul's Chrrchyard. J701.

`1he Firmel. Ime and Work end ; Bleft Souls are gone before Confuted Lights may ferve to kindle more; The Dead can fpeak : God can his Lamps reftore. The Winds that blow them out, will quickly ceafe : High Pride, rough Paillon, God can foon appeafe ; TRUTH, LOVE, and CONCORD raife with great encreafe. The WISE, PURE, PEACEABLE, for this he'll chufe, PROUDWORLDLLNGS, RAGING FOOLS he will refufe, And Snuffers, not Extinguilhers, will ufe. Yet Satan will not ceafe : Tares will be fown, RULERS and GUIDES he'll flrive to make hisown; Ey STORMS and SCANDALS force will be o'erthrown. Diotrephes muff rule, 7udas be rich, The Ignorant will err, young Ears will itch : The Blind will lead the Blind into the Ditch. Lord, convert Saul ; check ,7ewifh rage, And Setts, which fad Church -wars do wage: Let LIGHT and LOVE. proud WRATHafiwage. Eut thofe bleft Souls who dwell with thee Better things fee, And better be, Than Adam, or the Golden Age.

AnAccount of theRealri and Vfe of this PA APHIASE, READER, THis Paraphrafe, written for my own ufe, being publifb'dforyours, in order to that end I oweyou this account of it. A Friend long urging me to write a Paraphrafe on the Epiftle to the Romans, as being hard to be ttnderflood, when I had done that, Ifoundfo much profit by that Attempt, that it drew me to go on till I had fin:fb'dwhat I offeryou. It was like almoft all ny other publick Works, done by the unex;eFled conduci! of God's urgent Providence, not only with- out, but contrary to myformer purpofes. God bathblefs'd ha Churchwith many Mene excellent Commzntaries-on the Scriptures ; andInever thought my (elffit to do it better than they have done : but that is bell for fame perfono and ufes which is not bell to other,. I long wifb'd thatfame abler man would fnrnifh vulgar Fa- milies with fuch a brief Expofuton, as might be fitted to the ufe of thctr daily courfe, in reading the Scripture and.inftrut ing their Hoofbalde. I found that ma. ny who have done it better than I can do, are too large and caflly for this ufe : tome (like Deedate) very found, are unfatisfellarily brief; fame have parce 'd their An. notations into"fo numerousfhreds, that Readers (effiectallyin aFamily (ootle) will not flay to fearch and foe them together, to make up the fenfe. I like Dr. Ham- mond's order bell ; but, i. I differfrom him info muchof the matter ; z. and took hù Stile-to be too lax ; 3. and his Critic:fns not offal to the Vulgar ; 4. and his Volume too big and cofily: And therefore Ichofe more plainly, andyet more briefly and praflicafly, by the wayofParaphrafe, tofuit it to my intended end. But I muftgive theReaders notice, L That where Ifeem, but in few words, to vary from the Text, thofe words anEwer the large Critictfms of divers Expofitors,ax theLearned mayfind byfearching them and the Greek Text ; tho' I mull not flay to give the ream of themas Igo on. z. That tho' I haveftudied plainne f , yet bre- vity is unavoidably obfcure to unexercia'dPerfons, who, as Learners, cannot under- fiend things without manywords. ;. That where the Evangelifts oft repeat the fame things, to avoid tedioufnefs, I repeat not the wholeExpofition; andyet thought no meet wholly to pats it by. 4. That where the Text >s plain of it felf, in sad of an Fxpof:tion, Ifill up the Jpace by DoSfrinal or Praflical Obfrcations, teeing Prahtlte u the endof all, and toLearners this part is ofgreat necefty. 5. That where great Doeirinal Controverf es depend on the Expofttion of any Text, I have handl'd thofe more largelythan the reft, and, Ihope, with Pacificatory and Sat it- fafloryEvidence. Mygreat Delire andCare is, that ¡mayhereby promoteChriflianPiety in Fami- lies. To which fpecial end I alfo wrote my Poor Man's Family-book, and The Catechifing ofHoufholders. Ind had Inot done it in many Books fo oft already, I fhould herefit myfelfwith greateft earneftne(s to urge and entreat all Chriflian Parents to the more faithful pra/lice of Family Religion, efpecially in the wife and diligent Inflruflion andEducation oftheir Children. Sure no good Chriftians Jbould come behind the Yews, Who hadfar left Light andHelp than we.have,who yet are twice commanded by God, Dent. 6. o r. f Hear, O Ifrael, the Lord God is one Lord. Thou (halt love the Lordthy God with all thy heart, and with all thy foul, and with all thy might, And thefe words which I command thee this day, (hall be in thy heart: And thou (halt teach them diligently to thy Children, and (halt talk of them when thou fittefc in thy I-loufe, and when thou walk'( by A 2 the

the way, and when thou Deft down, and when then rife( up: And thou fitalt bind them for a fign upon thyhand, andthey fhall be as Frontlets betweenthine Ryes : And thou :halt write them on thePods of thy Houle, and on thy Gates.] Yet nowmany thoufand Families call'd Chriflians, account this much Puritanifm, and needlefsprecifenefs ; as if the Scripture (even the Go/pel of Salroation) were onlyfor the ufe of lriefls ; yea, fome thatdifemn the Papills re/taint ofthe Laity unlicew'd, from reading it tranjlated in a known Tongue, dowerfe thanTopifblyre- frain themfelves. And thole that inBapttfm vow'd to bring up their Children as Chrifi`ians in the knowledge of the Gofpel of Chrift, perftdioufly break that %lemn Vow, as they hypocritically made it ; andby ungodly negligence betray to Satan the Souls oftheir Children (and themfelves) which they have devoted toGod. Children: Reader, ke,gforthe' fakeofChurrchandKingdom,t that your ou will confcionably ád ferioufly fit up Family= Re,igion, calling upon God, ftnging his Praifes, aiodinfirm ingyour Children and Servant: in theScripture and C'atechifm, and in awife and diligent Education ofYouth. Hear me, as ifI beg'd it of you with Tears on my Knees. alas, what doth theWorldfifjer by the neglefl ofthis ! It is oat ofungod- ly Families that the World loath ungodly Rulers, ungodly Miniflers and afwarm ofSerpentine Enemies ofHolinefs and Peace, and their own Salvation. What Country groaneth not under the Confufions, Miferiesand horridWockednefs, which are all the Fruits ofFami y-ne lefts, and the carelefs and ill Education ofYouth ? It is awork ofgreat skill-and confiant care to infruil and educate your Children and to keep themfrom temptingCompany and Snares. To cry out of dumb or un- faithful faithful Mino(lers, whileyou are worfe at hornyour folves, is but fell-condemns- tint: Are Mtnifier:more oblig'd to carefor your Children: Souls, by Nature, or by will not do for onetHouJhold or your ownCh y ildren ?t The whole rfi chargeBand which "port it yours s IfFamilies treacherouflyneglef1 their part, and then look that all fbould be done at theChurch, youmay as wifely fend Boys to the Vniverftles, before they are taught to read or wrote, in lower Sehools. Ifthere be any hope ofthe amendment ofawicked, mtferable, diflrahied World, it mull be mofily done by Fami!-Religion, and the Cbriflian Education ofYouth, Godlinefs is profitable to all things ; but the themfelves, God Children the Servvats,wwilvary quickly be fuymmon'd to of Souls, ac- taunt ; efpecialy theft thatfbould as Rulers be Exemplary to the Vulgar, and are afbam'd to ownferiotoFamily-Religion, as ifall beyond tomeformal Hypocrifie and Lip-labour, he elps Difhonour to e'er their t need it, ir, thatwhen they read the New Tejlathent daily in their Houfes, they may (not read all the Psraphrafe to their Families, but) fuch particulars of Expo:tion andDofirinal Notes, as theyfind men fuitable to their cafe. AndI think it will not be unufeful to theyounger and weaker fort ofMini/iers, and the poor ones, that cannot buy larger Commentaries, and :frithMen willgive their Tenants and Neighboursfuel,Boas as are Tunable to the Infiruftion ofFami- lies, and the People will diligently ufe them, it may do much to keep upfaving Knowledge and Trainee, where the publick Miùiflry faileth moll. The Godof Mercy teach foolijb Men to have Mercy on their Families and themfeloes. --

C I The NewTeflament of our Lord and Saviour Jefits Chris. THO' it benot known when, or by whom, all theBooksof the New Tefta- ment, weregather'd and made up into one, nor when, or by whom, this Title was fee before them ; and tho' for a time fome Churches receiv'd not the Epifile to the Hebrews, nor that ofJamer, the zdofPeter, the zd and 3d of John, that of Jude, or the Revelations ; yet it hathneverthelefs fatisfaftory evi denceof-its truth, for this uncertainty and delay. I. For'; as long as we know it is all the Word ofthe Spirit ofGod, it fatisfieth our Faith, whetherall be bound up in one Book, or in many. And John the A- pofile living longafter all the refs, it is more than probable that none were recei- ved in his time but by his approbation and confent : and even in the days of the Apoftles they gave Teflimony to the Writingsofone another ; fo Peter doth of Paul's, and Jude tranfcribethmuch of 2. T.t. z. (telling us that even infpir'd Apofiles difdain'd not to -ufe and repeat each others Writings, without any guilt ofvain repetition or being Plagiaries.) Il. And that the few Books doubted ofby tome, were commonly afterwards receiv'd, tends more to the confirming thanthe fhaking ofour beliefof their Au- thority: certainty afterdoubt, is the molt conflrm'd certainty. It muff needs be fome timebefore all the Churches to whom the feveral Epifìles were written,could produce and communicate them by convincing proof to all the rest. And yetwe muff know, that theEpifiles toparticular Churches were lent to themas to Mem- bers oftheChurch UniverfaI, and they were oblig'd to communicate them to others: fo that we muff not take them as private Letters. III. Whoeverdill gave this Tits to thewhole Book, ( The New 1eflament, or Covenant, &c.) it's of no great moment to know : It was ÇThe New Teflamentj before it was fo entitled as one Volume; but the Church hath by continual own, ing this Title, fhew'd that they have receiv'd all thefe Books as God's Word and the whole New Teftament, and that no more are to he receiv'd as filch. Theword d}aStiam (ofWhich Grotius in his Prefacehath fpoken at large) figni- fieth indeed God's Statute-Law concerning Man's Duty and Salvation, or God's conflituted and'propos'd terms ofLife. And rho' ovroZoiwn more firifily fignifie ufually a mutual Covenant, this doth but im ply the confent ofMan to theLaw br Terms ofGod. It is the fame thing that is call.'d aLaw and a Covenant in feveral refpe&s. As God enaEls it, and promulgated it, before Man's confent, it is a Law, and a conditional Deed of Gift and Teftament, and an offer'd Covenant in feveral -re- fpeEts. When Man confenrs, it is a Law accepted, a Gift and Teftamentacceppted and a mutual aival Covenant. TheLaw hath its introduEtiveHifto: y andDa-trio, its Precepts,Prohibltions, Promifes and Threats ; and the Covenant bath the fame parts only denominated from mutual confent. But becaufe there are Lawsofmore orlefs rigour; and ofvarious femurs, it is the Law ofFaith or Grace which is the Covenant, Teftament, and Gofpel, which is nowbefre us denominated from the Donativeand Promiffory parts, tho' Precept and Threatning be included. IV. It is of great importance that we err not by givingtoo littleor coomuch to thefacred Scripeures,from both which exrreams manydangerous errors flow. r.On the left hand, thofe err that deny it to be God's Word, of infallible truth, intelligi- ble, andperfeff as to its properufe, without humane Supplements, written or oral, Doftrinal or Canon Laws: and thofe that deny it to have infallible afcertaining Evidences of its truth. Thef befriend Infidelity, Herefies,ProphanL'nefs,Church- Tyranny, leaving it to Clergy-men to make us a new Faith, newSacraments, and a newReligion at their pleafure; and to perfecute good Men, that dare not re. nounce

( 2 pounce the Scripture-fufficiency and Chrilt'sperfeëtion, by obeying their Diétates and Canons, as co- ordinate with Chritt, ifnot co-equal. Thefe make Church- concord utterly impoflïble, while they deny the furnciency not onlyof the Effen- tials, but of all the Bible, to be the terms of Concord, without their fupple silents or additions : as ifChrift, that is theAuthor andFinifher of our Faith, and the maker of his ownChurch, had not fo much as told us what a Church or a Chriftian is, or whom we mufftake for fuch into our Love and-Communion, nor fix'd the neceffary terms of Union, but left them to none knowerh whom, even falliblemen,liabie to Error andTyranny, that can butget uppermoft, and fay then that they are the true Church, and the Mailers that mutt be obey'd, while they are themfelves (Was many mindsas they are ofdifferent Countries, in- terelts and degreesof Knowledge and Sincerity. y. On the other tide thofe overdo in afcribing to the Scripture, who fay that God had no Church,or the Church no infallible rule ofFaith and Life,before the wriringof it ; and who fáy,that Men convertedby the Creed,Catechifms, preach- ingor tradition-, without knowing the Scripture, can have no favingFaith ; and . that think none can be fav'd that doubt of any Canonical Books, Text or Matter, whether it beGod's Word ; or that fay, Scripture is fo perfeft, thatthere is no human imperfeaionofthePen-men found inl hrafe, Word or Method, and that God couldnot have made it better, or that every Book may be known to be ca- nonical, and every reading to be rightwhen Copies vary, without Hiftorical Tra- dition, by its own evident light, and that we have no more caufe todoubt ofany word or matter, than of the Truth ofthe Gofpel; and that reafon isof fmall u le either for the Proofor Expofition ofthe Scripture, but the molt illiterate, if he found a Bible that hehad never heard of, may by its own light know its truth and fenfe as well as ftudious learned Men ; and that no other Books need to be read; and that the Scripture is a fufficientTeacher ofPhyfiek, Logick,Grammar, (jc. and that nothing is to bens'd or done in theexternal Firms, Modes andac- cidents ofGod's Worlhip, but what is particularly commanded in Scripture; and that it tellerh every man whether he be fincere and juftified ornot, and not only telieth him howto know-it by inward evidence; with many other fuch mifiakes, proceeding from miflaking theufe ofthe Scripture, by which its perfebtion mutt. bemeafur'd. Which all tend to Confufion, and at laf-to Infidelity, or doubting of the whole, when thefe Errors are difcern'd. V. And tho' all the Scripture be ofequal truth, is it is God's Word, yet many untruths are in it as utrer'd by Men and Devils,whichGod truly recordeth. And all parts are not ofequal neceffity or weight: And,as manyerr by caning off the Old Teflament, foothers err by equalling it to uswith the New. It is God's word, left to acquaint us what was heretofore, and to thew us howChriftwas prophe fled ofand expedted, and howthe Church was govern'd in the darker and more fervile flare and times. But we have great caufe to take heedof overvaluing its ufe to us, left we contradilt Paul, that faith, That even that whichwas written in Stone is doneaway, and the Law chang'd with the Prierhoed, and the oldand faulty Covenant for a better ; of which fee the nine firfi Chapters to the He- brews, &c. Judaizers are they that molt of Paul's Epittles are written againft and as John Baptifl wasgreater than the Prophets, fo the lealt in the Kingdomof God is greater than he. Even the holy Patriarchs andDavid had a far more ob- fcure Revelation of Chrift andGrace, and theLoveofGod, and the: Glory to come, thanwe have : And accordingly we fhouldhave much more Faith, Holi aefs and Comfort than they. It is dangerous making theheft of them ourExam piesin points of Faith or Duty, wherein they came far fhort ofGofpel light and Grace. GodBoth not now bear with Polygamyas he did then, nur with fuch Divorces; nordoth theGofpel countenance fuch ftreamsof Blood astheIfraelites ordinarily fhed, nor fuch lies as Da-eid was oft guilty of, nor fuch a ftrange Life as Solomon hied : I mean,that fuch faults will not now conflit with trueGrace un- der our fuller Light and Mercy, as would do then to Men in a darker infant Age ; and therefore let us take heed of prefuming on their Examples; Chrift and his. Apoftles

( 3 ) Apoftles are far fitter for our imitation. Darold fills moll ofhis Pfalms with fiich complaints of his Enemies,and curfesagainft them, as thew a far deeper fenfe :of the fuffering of the flefh, and the concerns of this lite, than Peter and Paul fhew'd, who fuffer'd far more, and for a holier Caufe, and rejoyc'd in Tribula- tion ; and then is fuitableeither to the Precepts or Examples of Chrift. All was notwell faid and doneby good Men which is recited in the NewTe(tament, much lefs in the Old. So far are they mi(taken thatfay, the Jews and Gentiles were bound to believe theApoftles in nomore than they prov'd out ofthe Scripture ; that molt of the Creed was tobe believ'd byother Evidences, and Chrift and his Apofties gave us fo fullproofof the Truth of theGofpel, as that their atteftationofthe Old Tetla- ment is to us a more convincing proofof its Divine Authority, thanany others. Therefore Chriftians muff read and honour the Old Te (lament, and ftudy it, but theNew far more,to which it isthat the HeartandLife mutt beeonform'd. There Heavenly Glory fhineth far more clearly, and the Wonders of Divine Love are more abundantly manifeÍied,andfargreater Powerof theSpirit is given, tomake all effe&ual in Faith, Hope and Patience, Humility, Obedience and Love, which now are become the very Nature of aTrue Believer. VI. How the infallible Truth of theGofpel is prov'd by the foie witnefs ofthe Hely Ghoft, I have open'd fo largely in many Books, that I mutt not here repeat it ; that is, t. By theold Teftimonies of Prophecies, Types, Sacrifices. a.. By the inherent and concomitant Teftimonies, even God's Image ofDivine Wifdom,Love and Power, on Chrift and the Gofpel. 3. Themanifold Teftimonies inandby the Apoftles, their miraculous Works andholy Dolllrine, e'Yc. 4. TheTeftimony of the Spirit in theChriflians of thofeTimes, who receiv'd the HolyGhoft by the impotitionof theApoftles hands, for the like Giftsand Miracles. S. Thecontinued evidence of the Spirit'sSan&ification in all True Believers in all Generations,ec. But it mull be known, that Chrift'sRefurrel7ion and Miracles, and moli ofthe Apoftles, feal'd the Gofpel as preach'd before it was written. And that the ne- cefrary fum of the Gofpel fo feal'd was in a narrow room, even the Sacramental Covenantwith its explication, and the Hiflory of Chrift therein fuppos'd. And thatthe fincere beliefand pra&ice of fo much, will certainly be faving : But yet the ufefulnefs ofthe whole Scripture, as containing the compleat revelation of God's Will recorded forall fucceeding Ages,is an unfpeakable mercy to theChurch. So weak is Man's Memory, fo bad a great part of theWorld, and the Clergy as well as others fo inclinable toErrors and Seas, and to force evenGod's Word ro feem to juftifie their Errors andSins ; andoffo many crofs interefts and mindsare Men, fo very falfe the worft, and fountrufty even thebetter fort, and foliable all worldlythings to degenerate and change, that he is utterly blinded herein, who thinks that Oral Tradition would have fafelydeliver'ddown thewhole mind ofGod unchan&ably, and with certainty. And pet tohis praife we mutt acknowledge that i. TheEffenrials ofReligion have by themfelves been deliver'd us inBaprism,and many ways (oft nam'd) with infallible certainty. z. And fo hath the Bible itfelf, evenby fuch Hiftorical Tradition whichbath an evidence truly call'd Phyfical, in that it arifeth not only from free contingent, but from neceffary caufes, even the Confent of Men of contrary interefts, in aas whicharctruly neceffary; and be- caufe there are not in Nature caufes that could produce a fallification (as is elfe- whereopen'd.) As for them that are fo far from taking the NewTeffament to have the nature of aLaw, that they fay,Chrift bath no Law, or hath made none; they thereby make him to be no King, and have no Soveraign Governing power (ofwhich Legiflation is the chief part) : and fo far are they from the Truth as that there is no Divine Law but Chrift's in force, for all power in Heaven and Earth is given now to him, and all things deliver' into his hand, and the Father (withouthim) judgeth no roan, but bath committedall yudgment to the Son, who for this enddied, rofe and reviv'd, that he might be'Lord of thedead and living, Band Head over all things to his Church, Mat. 28.19. lobs 13. I, 2, 3. & 17.2. John f 22. Rom.14.10. Eph.

(4) Eph. r. az, 23. So that the Law of Nature continued is now Chrift's Law, to which he hath added his fupernarural Inttitutions, and repeal'd all the Law of Moles, as fuch, having made the natural pat is his own. VIL As to the methodofthe New Teftament, it is peífeft-as to its intended ufe. r. The methodof the Dofsrine is exati, tho' as laps up in all the words and dir- enmftances, the unskilful difcern it nor; but in theBaptifmal Covenant, Creeds, Lord's Prayer and Decalogue,it is eafilydifcern'd. a. And as to the order of the Books and Words, it was meet that it fhould begin with the HilleryofChrif$'sLife, Death, Refurreftion andAfcenfion ; and thengive us a tafle of the Hiftoryofthe Apoftles, and lait ofall give us the applicatory part, firft to eftablifh the under- itsnding in the truth againfterrors,and then to dire t and quicken us to holinefs of life, and to comfort and patience in fudeiings, and a joyful expeûationofthe glorious reward. Forif the Hiftory had nor gone firft, whichgiveth us both the Matter and themiraculous Reafons and Grounds of our Belief, the application would have been built uponan infu(ficlent Foundation. VIII. It is the Gofpel that is God s molt wonderful declaration' of his Love to Mankind; theWorld lheweth his greatnefs,but it washi;Goodnefs andLove which fin, guilt and fearhad made hardett to our belief, which God hath glorified in the Face ofChriff : It is Chriff that is the Believer's daily anddelightfulRudy, the beft fort ofLearning and Wifdom which giveth quietnefs, and hope, and comfortto the Soul, when all other flukes except in purefubfervience to this.are but trilling, diverting, delufory, and vain. To study Chri(i inhis Nature, Perfon, Offices,Do- ftrines, Examples, Miracles, Sufferings, andDeath, RefurreCtion and Afcenfion ; fending down the Spirit of Miracles andHolinefs, reigning and interceding in Heaven, coming to Judgment, andglorified with hisChurch for ever : this, this is the high and noble, the fanfttfying and comforting Rudy, daily to behold the face ofGod's Love in this Glafs ofour Redemption, till confirm'd Faith ralle j,y9ful Hope, and turn our very nature intoholyLove to God and Man, and'ilablifh us in Obedienceand Patience againll all Temptations, Sufferings and fearof Death, andmake us long tobe withC/ar'f?,and love his appearing, and cry, Come Lord ye- Jus. This is the true lifeofChriffian Faith. Readers, Pray earnefilyand daily toGod, to give you that fame Spirit which Indited the Scripture, to qualifieyou to read and hear it, with Underftanding, Be- lief, Hope Love, and refolredObedience : and make it theLaw andRule ofyour Hearts andLives. And ifanyFanacicks tell you, that becaufe the Spirit is greater than theLetter, we muff try the Scriptures by the Spirit : andnot the Spirit by the Scriptures; tell themin thefe few plain words, that the Queftion is not rightly puts butwhe-' theytheyor we have the Spirit in thefame meafure, and to the fameufes as the Apoftles and Prophets had. And whether we mutt not rather try the Spirit and Words ofMen now, by the Spirit and Words of the Apoftles, than theirs byours. TheSpirit was given by Chrifl tohis Apoleles, to lead them into all Truth, and bring all his Dottrine andCommands to remembrance, to teach them to all Na, tions, recording them to be our continued Inftruítion, Law and Rules. But the Spirit is not given to .Quakers to thefeends, nor in this meafure.' And it is given now to the Faithful, not to reveal to them a newLaw and Gofpel, but to caufe them to understand, believe, loveand obey that already reveai'd. THE

Chap. i. The Generation of Chr,`#. Chap. I. The Gofpel according to St. M A T TH E W. That is, The Hillary of Chrifl's Birth, Life, Death, IRefatrrecíion, 4f -. cenfon, Doftrine, Covenant, Example, andWon ofhis Apo' les to preach Salvation through him to the World. Written by St, Mat- thew, a Converted Publican, one of the Twelve Apoftles, as Tradi- tionfàith, Eight Tears after Chrifi's Afcenfion ; whether in Greek, or in Hebrew after tranflated into Greek, is uncertain. C H A P. I. 9. And Ozias begat Joatham, r. "i°'He, Book of the generation andJoatham begat Achaz, and A- $(g chai begat Ezekias, ro. and .ze'- of Jefus Chrift, the fon kias begat Manafí-es, and Manafes ofDavid, the fonofAbraham. begat Amon, and Amon begat Jo- t. I begin this Hiftory ofChrift, with the ras It. and Jofias begatJechonias Genealogy or Catalogue of his Anceftcrs and his brethren, about the time according to the Line of yafeph his repu- ted Legal Father after the ilefh, fo far as to they were carried away to Baby- evince that he was the Son of David and Ion. ,Abraham, the rightful King of the Jews, 9. They were oft carried tway : But this and the promifed feed by their own fuppu- was a little before the molt notable Capti- tadon. vity. 2. Abraham begat Ifaac, and 12. And after they were brought Ifaac begat Jacob, and Jacob be- to Babylon, Jechonias begat Sala- gat Judas and his brethren, 3. And thiel, and Salathiel begat Zoroba- Judas begat Phares and Zara of bel, 13. and Zorobabel begat A. Thamar, and Phares begat Efrom, biud, and Abiud begatEliakim, and and Efrom begat Aram, 4. and A- Eliakim begat Azor. ram begat Aminadab, and Amina- ax- One old Copybath before [ iofiaabe- dab begat Naaffon, and Naaffon gar iakm, and 'how begat eehenia ; Dr. H. faith, in a very ancient Hebrew Copy begat Salmon, §. and Salmon be- of this Gofpel, this verte goeth (and Etiabm gat Booz of Rachab , and Booz begat ,Abner, and ...Abner begat .AZ,or :) By begat Obedof Ruth, and Obed be- either of which the number of fourteen Ge- gat Jeffe, 6. and Jeffe begat David nerations is kept entire. the King, and David the King be- 14. AndAzor begat Sadoc, and gat Solomon, of her that had, been Sadocbegat Achim, andAchim be- - gat Eliud, r g. and Eliud begat E' the Wife of Urias, 7. and Solo mon begat Roboam, and Roboam leazar, and EIeazar begat Mardian. begat Abia, and Abia begat Afa, and Matthan begat Jacob, 16. and 8. and Afa begat Jofaphat, and Jo- Jacob begat Jofeph the husband of faphat begat Joram, andJorambe- Mary, of whom was born Jefus gat Ozias. who ta called Chrift, 17. So all 8. ,Ahaziah,ÿo41, .Amaz.iahare here the generations from Abraham to gaffed by, perhaps as being, by the Mother Davidare fourteen generations, and of ,Ahaz,iah, of Omrza turfed Line, or for from David until the carrying away other unknown caufe : Note that the Law- intoBabylon are fourteen generati- ful Succeffion, much more the Grandchild ons, and from the carrying away or diftant iifue, is with the Hebrews called the Son or scores, though not immedi- ately. teen generations.'

Ch. r. His ''James, &c. St. Matt 14. I reduce them to fourteen in the reel- tation, for memory-!rake and other reafans; This fufiiceth to my intended end. 18. Now the Birth of Jefus Chrifl was on this wife : When as his Mother Mary was efpoufed to Jofeph, before they came toge- her, the was found with child of the Holy Ghoft.` te. Aote, The Holy Ghoft did mimeo- , loufly caute Her Conception, without a hu- man Father. 19. Then Jofeph her husband, being a jufl man, and nót willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privi- ly. 19. 7ofeph being a good man, averfc to hrirtfulnel", thought rather to hide all by putting her privily away, than to expote her to the ilráme and puàiíhmene due by the Law, to fach as he thought her to be zo. But while, he thought on thefe things, behold, the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, faying, Jofeph thou Son of David, fear not ro take unto thee Mary thy Wife, for that which is conceiv'd in her, is of the Holy Ghorr, 21. And the fhall bring forth a Son, and thou fhail call his name Jefus, for he (hall fave his people from their fins. 20, z 1. Nice, It was a dream that had its convincicg evidence; for ordinary dreams glee no tech certainty. 2. The name fe¡.u, a Saviour, lignified his office, which is to fave hie People from their fn:, and f om de- terred puniihmerr. 22. Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was fpolten of the Lord by the Pro- phet, faying, a i. Behold, a Virgin flail be with child, and (hall bring forth a Son, and they fhall call his name Emanuel, which being in- terpreted is, God with us. 22, a3. In all this the Prophecy of Ifa. 7. 14. to abaz, in how Cart time God would then deliver them, was fulfilled in a farther fente intended by the Holy Ghoft, than thatneare& foretold ',vent : Nate, God with us, is God taking our Nature, appear!. hew. The Wife Men, &c. Ch. z. ing to us, and reconciling ánd bringing us to himielf, aq.. Then Jofeph being. railed from fleep, did as the Angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took untohimhis Wife: 25. And knew her not, till the had brought forth her firft-born fon, and he called his name Jefus. z5. Note, Though thefe words are no fidl proof that Misty had any other Children after, yet at leaft they make is utterly uncertain ; and as it is no Article of Faith as to the moment of it, fa neither as to the certainty : Yet therapal Seth have pretended Tradition for it, that Mary lived and died a Virgin, as of fo much weight as to hereticate the deniers of it : And fo they make all the Scripture infufrcicnt, not only as to matter, of order, difcipline, and W00. grip, but alto as to Articles of Faith ; that they may on pretence of Faith and Ortho- doxnefs deftroy Christian Unity and Love, and exercife domination by excommunica- dng and damning men on pretended tradi- tion or authority at their pleafure, C H A P. II. r. XY0wwhen Jabswas'born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the Days of Herod the King, be- hold there came wife men from the Eaft to Jerufalem ; 2. faying, Where is he that is born King of theJews, for we have feels his Star in the Eaft, and are come to wor- Ihip him. t, z. Some time after Chrifis birth, A- ftronomers of great note carne finm the Eaft-country (Chaldea or ,Arabia I fàying we have ken an extraordinary Star, which figniheth the birth of the King of the Jews, the Meffiah whom they expecìed, and are come to do our homage and honour to him. 3. When Herod the King had heard theft things he was trou bled, and all Jerufalem with him. g. And when he had gathered all the chief Priefls and Scribes of' the people together, he demanded of them, where ChrifiIhould be born. 3, 4. Note,

Ch: x. TheTferen St. Matthew oftheEaß. Ch. a. 3, 4. Note 1, WhenChrift cometh to rave i r. And when they were come men, it cafta the World into difturbance, into theH.oufe,thev faw the young 2. The firft that was troubled and rofe up child with Mary his Mother, and againft Chrift, was the King, becaufe his crois intereftwasgreateft. 3 All jerufalem fell down and worfhipped him ; is troubled with the King. and when they had opened their 5. And they faid unto him; in creatures, they prefentedunto him BethlehemofJudea, for thus it is gifts, gold and frankincenfe, and written by'the Prophet ; 6. And myrrhe. a 2. And beingwarned of thou Bethlehem is the land of Ju- God in a dream that they fhould da, art not the leaf} among the not return to Herod, they depart Princes ofJuda : for out of thee ed into their own country ano- ftrall come agovernour, that (hall ther way. rule my People Ifrael. 1r, It. They did their Homage as tent 5, 6. Note, Bethlehemwas the City of Da- by God : And then God defeated the ma. vid's birth and of Chrift's : The Prophecy lice oftiered. is in Mie. ç. a. a clear Prophecy of Chrift, but thou Bethlehem-Ephratah, though thou be r 3. And when they were depar- little among the thoufands of yudah, (thou ted, behold, the Angel of theLord fands had their proper Rulers) yet out of appeareth toJofeph ina dream,fay- thee !hall hecome forth unto me, that it to ing,Arife, and take the young child be Ruler in Ifrael, whole goings forth havebeen from of old, from the days of E. and his mother,and flee into Egypt, ternity. and be thou there until I bring 1. Then Herod, when he had thee word : For Herod will feek privily called the wife men, en- the young child to deftroy him. 34: quired of them diligently what When he arofe, he took theyoung time the fiar appeared. 8. And child and his mother by night, and he fent them to Bethlehem, and departed into Egypt. faid, Go and fearch diligently for 03, 14. N. God could havecut of Herod. the young Child , and when ye or fecured Chrift by other ways or mira- have found him, bring me word ties : But to Thew that he will not make again that I may come and wor- miracles ordinary, but work by ufual means, Y Chrift mull fly into Egjpt, a Land of Hea (hip himalto. thenEndmies, to be faved from the King 7, 8. N. His malice contrived to have and People of Ifráel ; fuch flight was not made ufe of theWife men to further his cru- unlawful. city, cloaking it withhypocrite. r ç. And was there until the death 9. When they had heard the ofHerod; that it might be fulfilled King,they departed,and lo the Star which was fpoken of the Lord by which they faw in the Eaíl;wentbe the Prophet, faying, out of Egypt fore them till it came and flood o have I calledmy Son: ver where the young chil''was. v. Note, How this differed om other IS. Note, Whether the Prophet Hof- 12: Stars, and how it moved and dire&ed them, I. underftood this of any more han Ifrael'e is !lotto be clearly apprehended by us at firft deliverance from Egypt or no, yet the this diftance of time and place, who faw Holy Ghoft looked further and meant more, it not. eben the cats ofChrift. io. When they faw the liar, 16. ThenHerod, when he faw they rejoiced with exceeding great that he was mocked of the wife joy. men,was exceeding wroth,andfent io. They greatly rejoiced that God thus forth,and flew all the Children that renewedtheirdireólion. N. Some ancient were in Bethlehem, and in all the Fathers thought that this Star was an An- gel ; He maketh his AngelsSpirits, and his coatis thereof, from two years old Minifters a flame of Fire. and under, according to the time B a which

Ch. 2. Herod's Cruelty. St. Matthew. yohn preacheth. Ch. 3. which he had diligently enquired of the wife men. no. Noe, Intercft and malignity conjoin- ed, made this King flick at no inhumane bloody cruelty : Innocency was no defence againft him. r7. Then was fulfilled that which was fpoken by Jeremy the Prophet,faying, a 8. In Ramahwas there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, be- caufe they are not. 37, 18. Tho' it was another cafe- that the Prophet meant, God's Spirit might look to this : Or the words may fignifie, This cafe was much like to that mentioned,yer. g i. IS and fo fpeak by an allulion. 59. But when Herod was dead, behold, an Angel of the Lord ap- peareth in a dream to Jofeph in Egypt, 2o. faying, Arife, and take the young child, and his mother, and go into the land ofIfrael : for they are dead which fought the young child's life. 2r. And he a- rofe, and took the young child,and his mother, and came into the land of Ifrael. 22. But when he heard that Archelaus did reign in Judea, in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither: not- withftanding,beingwarnedof God in a dream, he turned afide into the parts of Galilee. 23. And he came and dwelt in a City called Nazareth, that it .might be fulfil.. led which was fpoken by the Pro- phets, He ilia]] be called a Naza- rene. t o. dire. Note, t. Still Chrißis preferved by avoiding mens rage. 2. The Jews cal- led Chrift a Nezarite, from that place of his dwelling s but he was truly Netfer the brooch, and a Nazarene devoted to abfolute purity, of whom Sampfcn's Order was a Type, defcribed alto Numb. 6. Lam. 4. 7. Antos 2. t r, r a. This fecmeth the fenfe by allufion. C H A P. III. r.TN thole days came John the .1 Baptift , preaching in the Wildernefs ofJudea, 2. And fay- ing, Repent ye for the Kingdomof Heaven is at hand. a, a. In thofe days 'John, as a Prophetin- fpired by God, baptized, upon preaching in the Wildernefs of yadea, that thé Kingdom of the Mcah long looked for, was now juft at hand, and therefore they fhould by true Repentance be prepared for its Ester- tainment. N. t. It's called the Kingdom ofHeaven, becaufe it a Theocracy, a Special Go- vernment of God by a Saviour fent from Heaven, to lead men to Heaven : as diftin& from the prophaneKingdoms of the World. who look but to humane Power and Laws, and bodily profperity. 2. That of Mal. 3. 7. 4. a, 3. was here fulfilled. The Jews longed for Chrift's coming, fùppoíng it would have exalted their Nation in tem- poral profperity s but could not endure him, when he was for humility, fpiritual.ty, and a heavenly Kingdom. g. Tho' repentance be always a duty, it's fpecially neceffary to our fpecial and great mercies, and our affurance of pardon by a Saviour. A purified mind and life are fui- table to theconfolation of Chrift, and the indwelling of the comforting Spirit. 3. For this is he that was fpo- ken ofby the Prophet Efaias, lay- ing, The voiceof one crying in the Wildernefs, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths ftraight. 3. It was 'John that Ifaiah prophecied of and foretold what his preaching Mould be. Tho it be grace that prepareth for further grace, man's Duty muß be ufed thereunto ; and the exalting work of grace prefuppofeth the humblingwork of repentance as a rae. ceffary preparation. 4. And the fame John had his raiment of camels hair, and a lea- thern girdle about his loins, and his meat was locufts and wild ho- ney. 4. He was cloathed with Hair'cloath , bound to hint witha leather girdle, and fed on what the Wildernefa afforded, which was Locußs, (which fame think were an Herb

Ch. 3. Yoh?) preacheth. St. Matthew. Yohnpreacheth. Ch. 3 Herb fo called, but molt, a fort ofFlieslike vanceyou, for being the carnal feed of A great Grafhoppers that devour all green braham, ifyou have not the Faith and Ho- things,) and wild Hony. linefs of ..lbraham : If you be wicked unbe- Note, Thothe Friers and Hermits, by fu- lievers, God will raft you off, tho' Abra perftitious overvaluing fuck aufterities, have ham was your Father; and can of the Gen- tempted others to defpire them, yet God tiles (or the veryBones) raife up fuch as Thal approved of Yakss fignification of his con- be bleft as .Abrahams believing feed. temptof the World and flefhly pleafures by ro. And now alto theAx is lail filchabating of thefled. And other men s unto the root ofthe trees : there- Superftition or Hypocrifhe, will not excufè fore every Tree which brin eth mens fuperfluity, or accule mortification. not forth good g s. Then went out tohim Jeru- fruit, is hewn falem, and all Judea, and all the down, and rail into the fire. Region round aboutJordan, 6.And r °' The Mega!) comethwith falvation to torn, and judgment to others: he layeth were baptized of him in Jordan, the Ax to the root, to cut down all of you confelling their fins. that bring not forth the fruit of true faith 5. So glad were the people to hear that and repentance, andwill caß Poch into the the Kingdom of the Meal was at hand, fire of temporal and eternal punifhment. that they all flockt to him tobe baptized, a r. I indeed baptize you with profeffmg repentance,that theymight be pre- water unto repentance : But he that pared forthe Kingdom. cometh after me, is mightier than Note, I. We grant that Baptifm then was wailing the whole Body : And did not I, whofe !hoes I am not worthy the differences of our cold Country as to to bear : he !hall baptize you with that hot one, teach us to remember [I will the Holy Ghoft and with fire. have mercy and notfacrifeel it Mould be fo r r. I do but baptize you preparatorily here. 2. Tho' many fay Sohn s Baptifm and with water to repentance : But he that is Chrift'swere all one, it'seafie to prove, that coming after me, is mightier than I, whore wereany now baptizedbut with yohn's Bap- miles I am not worthy to bear: He (hall thin, yeought to be baptized again, in the baptizenot only with water, but with the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, pouring out ofhis Spirit on Believers, and on the profeffion ofmany Articles of the with that fiery tryal, which (hall refine the Creed which Yoh), required not, gold, the faithful, but feparate the drofs, 7. But when he taw many of and deftroy the rebellious unbelievers. thePharifees and Sadducees come r 2. Whole fan is in his hand, tohis Baptifin, he laid unto them, and he will throughly purge his O generation of vipers, who hath floor, and gather his Wheat into warned you to flee from the wrath the garner : but he will burn up to come. 8. Bring forth therefore the chair with unquenchable fire. fruits meet for repentance. 52. He will winnow and throughly fe.. 7. Knowing what theft Pharifees and. Parare the Wheat from the Chaff, the Faith Sadducees were, he laid, O Generation of ful from the Rebellious, andwill gather the Vipers, Are you aware indeed that wrath faithful into his heavenly Kingdom, and in- is comingupon you ? And doyou thinkthat to his Church in order hereto , but he will the Mefï'iahwill indulgeyour Sin, and come burn the Unbelievers and unperfwadable as to promote your carnal Intereft ? If you chaff, and that with deftru&ion here, and profefs repentance, and would have part in unquenchable fire hereafter. the Kingdom of the Meffiah, refolve againft r 3. Then comethJefus from Ga, your fins, and live in that righteoufnefa lilee to Jordan unto John, to be and holinefa which is the fruit of true repen- baptized of him. r t. But John g. And think not to fay within forbad him , laying, I have need to bebaptized ofthee, and co your felves, we have Abraham to met pur Father : For I fay unto you, thou to me ? Thàt God is able of theft ftones to 13, 54. Note, Chrift was not baptized to the fame ends as other men. He had no fins raife up children untoAbraham, to repent of, nor Saviour to receive, bd as 9. Think not that the Mefiiah will ad the General, will wear the fame Colours 13 ä with

Ch. 4. Chriftfaleth. St. Mat with his Soldiers. Chrift received Baptifm for the ends he was capable, as to profefs that the Kingdom ofGod was at hand 15. And Jefus anfwering, laid unto him, Suffer it to befo now ; for thus it becometh us to fulfil all riglyteoufnefs. Then he fuffered him. rs. I mull fulfill the Law of Mofes, and thy ProphetickMillion, and be thus entered onnay proper work. 16. AndJefüs when he wasbap- tized, went up fraightway out of the water : and lo, the Heavens were opened unto him, and he faw the Spirit ot; God defcending like a Dove, and lighting upon him. 16. As Jefuswent up out of the water, ,`fehst law the Heavens open to Chrift, and the Spirit of God, in Tome refemblance of a Dove (or as a Dove dothlight on any place) defcending on him, (it's like in a lucid ap- pearance) and telling onhim. 17. And lo, a voice from Hea- ven, laying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I amwell pleafed. 17. And with the Apparition camea voice from Heaven,laying, This is, s?c. This ismy beloved Son the Mefah, fent ,from Heaven as the Mediator to reveal my will, and to fulfil it, and by his perfe& righteoufnefs and facrifice to reconcile the World to me, and be thepropitiation for their fina. CHAP.IV. I, Hen wasJefus led up of the 1 Spirit into the Wildernefs, to be tempted of the Devil. Note, r, That tho' Chrift was God, his humane nature was a&ed bythe HolyGhoft, to whom in Scripture is afcribed Divine Ferfe&ion ofoperationon Creatures. 2. Man was overcome by the temptation of, Satan, and fo fin and death, and all evil did invade Mankind s Therefore our Redeemermalt de- liver us from Sin and Satan, and Mitery, by conquering the Temprerin his way of temp- tation, by which he conquered: To give as alto notice that the warefare preparatory to our future flute, is managed by overcom- -ing ter:orations, or being overcomeby them. At:d therefore the (lady of temptations, and thew. Chrift fafteth. Ch. 4. the refiftance is a great part of theChrißian Life. 3. Chrift raft not himfelf on temptati- ons, but was led to it by the Spirit. 4. To be tempted is no fin. z. And when he had famed for- ty days, and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred. Note, t. In this Mofes was a Type of Chrilt. a. Fatting andTryal by temptation were great preparatives to Chrifta Exercife ofhis prophetidk Office: And his Minifters fhould not be ftran ers to it; the fentcal are never true to Chrt. To ferve the fief]) by the Miniftry, by feeking preferment, ho- nour and flefhly cafe, and fulnefs more than ' Mens Salvation, is to ferve the Devil, as con- quered by his temptations. g. Hunger, and bodily fuffering give Satan advantage for many temptations, rho' not fo dangeroufly as profperity, and fleshly 'pleafures do. 3. And when the Temptercame to him, he Paid, If thou be the Son of God, command that thefe (tones be made bread, 3. The Son ofGod can do what he will : feed thy fell now by Miracle: Nate, t. Whether the Devil thought by this to tempt him to doubt, whether he were the Son of God, or only as fappofing itto draw him to fin, by obeying him, is uncertain. 2. Satan cannot tempt us when hewill, 'but when God permiteth him. 3. His deftgn was to obCcure Chrift's Godhead andGlory. 4. But he anfwered and faid, It is written, Man (hall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth ofGod. 4. Note, r. Chrift himfelf was not aboye snaking.ufe ofGod's written word. 2. It is by this word that the Tempter malt be confuted and overcome. 3. It is by God's will that our Foodcloth nourifh us, and his will and love is more neceffaty to us than our food. 5. Then the Devil taketh him up intothe holy City, and fetteth him on a Pinacle of the Temple, 6. And faithunto him, If thou be the Son ofGod,caft thy felfdown : For it is written, He (hall give his Angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they ¡hall bear thee up, leaft at any time thou dalh thy foot againft a ¡tone. s, 6.

Ch. 4. Chriffafitetb, St. Matthew. and is tempted. Ch: 4. f, 6. 'then the Devil, permittedby God, the molt odious fin, even to Worship the carried the body of Chrift through the edr, Devil. Therefore' meet'mptation, even and fet him on the Battlements or force high to Blaft,henry, fhould not ticourage melon- place on the Temple ; and faid,Caft thy leg' choly Perlons, who hare and resin ir. down, 6v, io. Then faith Jetùs un.:o him, Note, t. God maÿ give Satan power even Get thee hence, Satan : for it is to carry our Bodies about, and yet not over- written, Thou fhalt worfhip the comeour Souls. 2. The Devil would tempt Lord thy God, and him (halt is to think, that wemay do any thing that Y t only hath no danger to us, tho it be out of the thou ferve. way ofoar Obedience. 3. He that will have to. t. Note, When it cometh to Blafphe- Gpd's proteÉtlon, mutt keep in the way of mous and AtheiRical Temptations, Satan his duty to God, andnot prefume that God Ihouldbe driven away, and no longer dit [hall live him out of his way in our own. puted with and endured : z. Yet even 7. Jefus faidunto him, It is writ- then Scripture mutt be given for confu- ting his Blafphemies. 3. Whether Satan tenagain, the p do all this in pride, as defiring to be wor- Lord thy God. (hipped, or in hatred to God and Souls, is 7. Note, t. Tho the Devil ufe Scripture doubtful: but it's like to be from all thefe. for temptation, this is no dithonourto Scrip- 4. COng] excludeth other Gods, and all cure,; but we mull confute mif-application Competitors and Oppofites, but not Parents, of Scripture, by Scripture rightly expounded Matters, Princes, as fabordi,tate to God. and applied. Papifts and all Hereticks, and r r. Then the Devil leavethhim, the Devil himfel£may ufe Scripture ( and And behold, Angels came, andmi- therefore all mafcnot be believed that ute it:) nittred'unto him. , But that is an honour to ir, fignifying that it it. Note, t. Satan can Ray no longer than is God'sWord, or elfe it would not ferve the God will. z. Angels are God's Servants Hypocrites turn. As all contenders pretend for Chrift and for his Church. 3. As Chritt to Beaton, and yet Reafonmull decide their had theMiniftry of Angels, we need it much Controverfies. more. 2. Tempting God is diftrufting his ordi- r _. Nowwhen Jefus heard that nary care, and providence, arid prefcribing tohim our own ways. John was caft into Prifon, he de- 8: Again the Devil taketh him parted into Galilee. up into an exceeding high moue- ta. Note, Clara avoided Perfecution, till tain, and fhewrth him all the King- his Hour was come : And io may we. doms of the world, and the glory 13. And leaving Nazareth, he of them 9. And faith unto him, came and dwelt in Capernaum , All thefe things will I give thee, which is upon theSea coati, in the if thou wilt fall down and wor- borders' of Zabulon and Nephtha- Ihip me. lime 34. That it might be fulfilled a, 9. Note,: t. Satan took advantage of which was fpoken 'by Efaias the Chrift's voluntary povetty and falling, to Prophet, flying, 15. TheLand of tempt his Refit to the defile of earthly pro- Zabulon, and the Land of Nephtha. fperity and dominion. 2. By t all King. litn, by the way of the Sea. beyond dams] is meant, many that were within JJrdan, Galilee of the Gentiles profpeíf. 3. How far God loath given the power of earthly Kingdoms and Glory to tó. Thepeople whichfate in dark- the Devil, is not fully certain. But we fee nefs taw great light, and to them he hath given him power to tempt men by which fate in the region and flu- them, and, it's like, much todifpofeofthem dow ofDeath, Light is fprung up. as far as thofe temptations prevail. That t3. ojc. Of which I may ore the words he ufeth almoft all the Empires of the world of Ifa. y, tho' then fpoken to another pur- againR Chrift and Holineti, by ,Malignity pole, as now fulfilled literally as they teem and worldly tntetelts, to keep up ignorance to found, and as perhaps the Holy Gho and ungodlineli, is notorious by fad experi- mi ht farther mean/hem, 1rt. ence. 4. TheDevil thinketh not Kingdoms g and Glory too great a price to win and undo 1 T 7 From that time Jefus began 4óulp. sx Citci(t,himfelf was tempted tp to treaçh, and,to faÿi Repent, for