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Ch, 4. 7'hefewer. St. Mark. Many ParaYes Ch, 4, any time they should be converted, hearers, caufeth the differing Iiccefs of the and thyir fins should be forgiven fame doEtrine or Sermons on different per. them. ions. 21. And he laid unto them,_ is See Marth. r 3. r a, x3. God herh vouch- fated you greater help and light than to thof a Candle brought to be put under a without, that are not my Dilciples : Parables bufhel, or under a bed ? and not are fitted to their ignorant Cate, who wilfully to be let on a candlellick? negle& inftmdtion, and are never the better 2E. God cloth not give you more light for what they hear, fo that it cloth not convert than others, to hide it, but to ufe it for the and heal them. Did they enquire and difgent- good of many. ly fearch for truth, it fhould be fullier opened 22. For there is nothing hid to them. which fhall not be manifefted ; 13. And he faid unto them, neither was any' thing kept fecret, Know ye not this parable ? and but that it should come abroad. how then will you know all para- bles 22. Light is for the manifesting of all ? things, and it will nnnifcft all rhings,how dark I 3. If ye underftand not this plain fimili- or fecret foever th.y kern. ntde,how willye undetftand many more which 23. If any man have ears to hear, you mutt hear. let him hear. I4. The fower foweth the word. 23. Let him that hath ears and underftand- 15. And thefeare they by the way- ing fee that he hear God's word regardfuliy, fide, where the word is fown, but with all the ferious attention of his heart : for when they h.:ve heard, Satan tom- it is of greaten concernment to his foul. 24, And he faid unto them, Take eth immediately, and.taketh away heed what you hear : with what the word that was Town in their lneafure ye mete, it (hall be mea- hearts. 16. And thefe are they fitted to you : and unto you that likewile which are Town on {lolly hear fhall more be given. 25. For ground, who when they have heard he that hath, to him !hall be given : the word , immediately receive it and he that bath not, from him !hall with gladnefs : . 17. And have no be taken even that which he hash. root in themfelves, and fo endure but for a time : afterward when afli&ion or perfecution arifeth for the words fake, immediately they are offended. 18. And thefe are they which areTown among thorns : fuch as hear the word. 19. And the cares of this world , and the deceitfulnefs of riches, and the lulls of other things entring in, choke the word, and it' becometh unfruit- ful. See Math. r3. The feveral Writers of Ghrin's words give us the fame in fenle, tho there be Come fmall difference in the words. 20. And thefe are they which are fown on good ground, fuch as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, fome thirty- fold, Tome fizzy, and fome an hun- dred. zo. N. All found Chriftians are not equally fruitful. 2. The quality of the hearts of the 24, 25. See that you let your hearts to the word you hear For as you ate God's word, he will ufe you: Learn faithful:y, and you that] be taught more : bur if you trifle or neg. lea the truth, your knowledge will be as none, or work than none to you, and God may for lake your undernandirgs. 26. And he laid, So is the king- dom of God, as if a man fhould call feed into the ground, 27. And fhould fleep, and rife night and day, and the feed lhóuld fpring and grow up he knoweth not how. 26, 27. N. Man (owed), but God bleffeth, it s and we fee it not grow, but fee that it bath grown. Who then shall exa& of ano- ther an account, jail when or how he was converted. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of her felf ; firft the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. 29. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the fickle, becaufe the harveft is come. 2 t. Do