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Ch. 2. Simean St. Luke. and Anna. Ch. 2 . is itnecef[°ary or lawful to keep a day accomplifhed fdr the circumcifrng as holy in remembranceof Chrift's birth ? laf. of the child, his name was called j. If any fhould appoint a weekly day for ir, JESUS, which was fo named of the it would be an ufurping of the fame power, that hash already feparated a weekly day for it, angel before he was conceived in the it would he anufurping ofth fame power that womb. bath already feparated a weedy day for com- memorating the work ofRed motion, though flaccidly for Chrift's Refurredion : And it would (eetn an acculing Chtrjft's Law of in- fufficiency. 2. And if any Mould make a yearly day's obfervation neceffary to the uni- verfal Church, r. They would ufurp a pow- er, not given to any, (to make Laws for all the Church,) a. And they would accule Chrift's Law as impeded. But if particular Chrillians , Churches, or Countries, voluntarilyagree to celebrate year- ly, the memorial of Chrift's birth, it is but what almrft all theChurches on earth do, and have clone at leaft 1300 years g and it is law- ful to keep a yearly day of remembrance for any great deliverance, or mercy to the Church, even in an Apoftle. But if anyChrifiian think that it is an unlawful addition to the irfti- tution of the Lord's day , which God let a- part for our commemorating the whole work ofRedemption, filch Should not be forced to keep it ageinft their Confciences; but rouit 25. And behold, there was a man avoid affronting them that do. in Jerufalem, whole name was Sime- r 5. And it came to pals, as the on ; and the fume man was just angels were gone away from them and devour, waiting for the con- into heaven, the fhepherds faid one folation of Ill-ael : and the holy to another, Let us now go even Ghoft was upon him. 26: And it unto Bethlehem, and fee this thing was reavealed unto him by the ho- which is come to pals, which the ly Ghoft, that he fhould not fee Lord hath made known unto us. death, before he had feen the Lords 16. And they came with hafte, and Chrift. found Mary and Jofeph, and the 25. Note, The Meffuh was much expected babe lying m a manger. 17. And atthatrime. when they had feen it they made Nate, They are juft and devout men, that known abroad the laying which was fpecially Favoureth by extraordinary gifts told them concerning this child. r 8. °f his piri.t. And all they that heard 'it, wondred 27' findhe came by the fpirit in- thofe things which were told re. the temple : and when the pa- at by the fhepherds. 19..13ut do brought in the child the Mary kept all theft things, and pon- oo for him Then took him of the doted them in her heart. zo. And law, a8, he np in the fhepherds returned , glorifying 29 and bl God, and ff and praifing God for all the things a Lord, now lute,{ tngfe that they had heard and feen, as it ianr depart in peace, according to was told unto then. t.ty word. 3o. For mine eyes have feen thy falvation : 3r. Which 21. yefus is [a Saviour.] He was circumcifed, as bound to keep the Law of Moles, not as a Peal ofpardon ofSin to him. 22. And when the days of her purification according to the law of Mofes, were accomplifhed, they brought him to Jerufalem, to pre- fent him to the Lord, 22. To the Prieflt as in Numb. 3.12. 46. z ;. (As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that open- eth the womb fhall be called holy to the lord,) 24. And ro offer a facrifice according to that which is faid in the law of the Lord, A pair of turtle-doves, or two young pi- geons. 23, 24. See Levit. 12. 6. $. r 5, 16, r 7, 13. In a Stable. -a y.. Regard- ed them, as tending tò shat was primi(isl her. thou haft prepared before the face 2o. Angels are not first( nt to 'Princes, but to of all people : 32. A light to light- poor shepherds, who muff preach Chrift. en the Gentiles, and the glory of thy at. And when eight days were people Ifrael. R 2 a7, 28;