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Ch. 2. 3' ehn the Baptift St. they found him in the temple, fit- ting in the midíf of the doors both hearing them, and asking them queffions. 45, 46. Note; chritc himfelf difdained nor tohear the Yewtfb Dodìors, and to ask them Q_efliors, 47. And all that heard himwere aftonifhed at his underllanding and anfwers. 48. And when they faw him, they were amazed : and his mother Paid unto him, Son, why haft thou thus dealt with us ? be- hold, thy..father and I have fought titee forrowing. 47, 43. Note; if Chrift's Holy Mother, blamed him, as dealing ill with his Parents, by mifake for want of trueknowledge of the halide of the cafe, what wonder if the beft Ferlons do, by the like ignorance of the cafe, by miftake, blame and céulure one another and milreport accordingly. 49, And he Paid unto them, How is it that ye fought me ? wift 'ye not that I muff be about my Father's bufinefs ? 5o. And they underffood net the raying which he fpake unto them - 4v, so, Where Mould 1 be but in my Fa- ther's Bode, about his work ? your ignorance maketh -you blame me. r. And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was fubjeEl unto them : but his mo- ther kept all thefe fayings in her heart. s r. Note; Clarift, who fubmitted in his Hu- manity, to a (late of Infancy, (fanc}ifying that Bate, and chewing, thatas an infant was yet in title, King and Head of the Church; fo In- fantsmay be Members of him, and it) did al- fo in his Childhood fubjedt himfelf to his fup- psCed Father, and to his Mother, reverencing them, and obeying them, both as part of his meritorious Humiliation , and to fan&ile a Rate ofCubjedtion, and become a Pattern there- of to us all : And it will greatly condemn proud, rebellious Children, and Youth, who will not obey the juft Government of Pa- rents,but their Bechly appetites and lufts,) when the SonofGod incarnate, condefcended to fub- jedtion. Mary's laying up all there fayings, was the working of her Faith and Hope, perceiving that God was going on to fulfil the Premixes made to her. 52. And Jefus "increafed inwif- , Luke. in thé Wildernefs. Ch. 3, dom and Rature , and in favour with God and man. 52. His Humane Nature increafed, as in fta: tare, fo in a&ual Humane Knowledge, and ir, habits, knowing mote than he knew in Infan_ cy as man: And God, that by way ofap. probation and complacence, loveth all things fo far as they are lovely, fo approved and lo - ved his Humanity more, as it grew more in ait and habit toward perfe&ion. CHAP. III. r.TOw in the fifteenth year of EN the reign of Tiberius Ca°far, Pontius Pilate being governòur of Judea, and Herod being tetrarch of Galilee, and his brother Philip te- trarch of Iturea, and of the region of Trachbnitis, and Lyfanias the te- trarch of Abilene, 2. Annas and Caiaphas being the high priefis, the word of God came unto John the fon of Zacharias in the wilder- nefs. I, 2. 1Mete; A Tetrarch is the Governour of the fourth part of a Province, or large Country. Whether . Antias and C rapbas were both High Priefts (by corruption at once, or exercifed it by turns; or being yearly chofen, one had it in one part of the year,and theother fucceeded him ; or whether ,Annas is fo called for his Power with, or over the High Prieft by affinity and intereft, or whether ,Auras though fo called, had another fort of Govern- ment diftinit from the Priefthood, Expofitora are not agreed. But 'cis certain, that the High Prielhood was greatly corrupted, and ufually bought of the Romaxs. 3 And he came into all the coun- trey about Jordan, preaching the baptifm of repentance for the re- million of fins. 3. Preaching Pardon mall true Penitents, and tellingthem that publick deliverance from their NationalCalamity was at hand to be off, red them, if they would prepare for it by Repen- tance. 4. As it is written in the book of the words of Efaias the prophet, faying, The voice ofone crying in the wildernefs, Prepare ye the way ofthe Lord, make his paths frraight. 5. Every valley íhá11 be filled, and K 3 every