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Ch. 6. Of the St. Luke. Sabbath. Ch. 6, with the old. 37. And no man the fynagogue and taught : and putteth new wine into old bottles there was a man whole right hand elfe the new wine will burl} the was withered. ,. And the fcribes bottles, and be fpilled, and the bot- and pharifees watched him, whether ties shall perifh. 38. But new wine he would heal on the fabbath-day: mu{t be put into new bottles ; and that they might find an accufation a- both are preferved. gain(} him. 8. But he knew their 36,37, 38. Do&rfnes andPrecepts molt be thoughts, and Paid to the man which fuited to mens capacity. See Mara. 9. had the withered hand , Rife up, 39 No man alto having drunk and Rand forth in the mids. old wine, f}raightway. defireth new: And for he faith, The old is better. he fu and them, forth. 9. Then 39. They that have been ufed to a freer faidJefus unto I will ask you life, will not fitddenly like auftetities, one thing, Is it lawful on the fah bath-days to do good, or to do evil ? to fave life, or to defrroy it? - 6, 7, 8, 9. See Matta, t2. What better. C H A P. VI. work for the Sabbath-day, than to Cote life? And he that will not do that, when he may; is guilty of murder. z. /\ Nd it came to pats on the fe- Io. And looking round about [ conci fabbath after the firf}, upon them all, he faid unto the that he went through the corn-fields : man, Stretch forth thy hand. And and his difciples plucked the ears of he did fo : and his hand was rel}o- corn , and did eat, rubbing them red whole as the other, a r. And in their hands. 2. And certain of they were filled with madnefs; and the pharifees faid unto them, Why communed one with another what do ye that which is not lawful to they might do to Jefus. do on the fabbath-days. to, rt. Note; Nothing fo enrageeh the De. t, 2. The reafon of the nameof the fecond vil and his Servants, as doing the greateft Sabbath, after the firft, isdoubtful to as that good : This is to them the greateft crime. live at this diftance. Many Conje &uses Ira. And it came to pats in thofe there be. Some, that it is the [aft day of un- days, that he went out into a moun- leavened Bread a others, that is is the day of tam to pray and continued all Peneecoft, &c. P Y 3. And Jefus anfwering them, night in prayer to God. laid, Have ye not read fo much as ta. Note; What need then have we to pray? this, whatDavid did, when himfelf 13. And when it was day, he was an hungred, and they which called unto him his difciples : and were with him : 4. How hewent of them he chofe twelve, whom into the houfe of God , and did alto he named Apoftles. take and eat the Bhew bread, and de; 3o . Nch oHie s Pof ir s femh s, tto habt e i f, n De- 'gave alto to them that were with puted Commiffionated Meffengers, next under him, which is not lawful to eat, but him, to gather and guide his Church. for the grief}s alone. rg. Simon (whom he alto named 3, 4. Hypocrites will be ftriaer than Chrift, Peter) and Andrew his brother, but it is when they err, or are ftri& in evil, James andJohn, Philip and Bartho- or.inlhadowa again[[ the greater things. lomew, a S.. Matthew andThomas, s. And he faid unto them, That James the fan of Alpheus, and Si. the Son ofman is Lord alfo of the fabbath. mon called Zelotes, 16. And Ju- s. I have power to ore all Ceremonies to das the brother of James, and Jü- theends of Redemption a for the good of Man. das Ifcariot, which alto was the 6. And it to came pats alfo, on traitour. 17. And he came down another fabbath, that he entred into with them, and flood in the plain, and