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Ch. 8. -- 7'he Parable. St. Luke. of the Sower: Ch. 8: was trodden down, and the fowis 's. Who receive the Golpel fo, as to re- new t ter, th, tr brags before prepared, be- Of the air devoured it 6. And ing by is fün.;iiicd s and perfevore to ntäru- fome fell upon a rock,' and affoon as t;it y it was fprung up, it withered away, r6. No man when he bath light - becaufe it lacked moifrure. 7. And ed a candle covereth it with a veffel, force fell among thorns, and the or putteth it under a bed : but fet- thorns fprang up with it, and cho- teth it on a candleffick, that they ked it. 8. And other fell on good which enter in may fee the light. ground, and fprang up, and bare 16. Light is not to be hid, nor Gods Gifts fruit an hundred-fold. And when and Min s Knowledge, being given not only he had faid thefe things, be cried, for thcmfelves, but for the gcod of all about He that bath ears to hear, let him them. Note r. wo then to unjuft Glencers ofGod's hear. faithful Mirifters ! And x. To idle, treache- 4, 5, 6, 7, Q. See the expofition, on M.atth. roils, unfaithful Tailors. I Note ; Thefe pafliges are otherwife con - Note, It is the difference of the receivers, nef,3ed in Mambos. and reception, which is the notable caul of 17. For nothing is ferret, that different Ihcceffes of the fame word ; yet 1p- !hall not be made manifefl : neither poring God's de&ion. an thing hid, that !hall not be 9. And his difciples asked him, y Paying, What might this parablebe ? known, and come abroad. 17. Nate ; Oh then hog vain is the hiding so. And he Paid, Unto you it is gi- endeavour of the Hypocrite! And how little veto to know the myfleries of the Should we craft. to lies, or to the fecrelie of our kingdom of God: but to others in fins ! parables ; that Peeing they might not Abte; The conneótion of there Sentences is fee, and hearing they might not un not too much to be minded. e and, ¡8. Take heed therefore how ye g, ro. Note, The reception of one troth pre- hear : for whofoever bath, to him pareth for more, and the reje&ion of Gods Mall be given ; and whofoever bath calls prepareth. men to be forsaken. not, from him !hall be taken even I r. Now the parable is this : The that which he feemeth to have. feed is the word ofGod. 1 a. Thofe It. The thankful receiving of what is gi- by the way-tide, are they that hear : ven you and the .w4 ufing of what you have, thencometh the devil, and taketh is the wayto have snore given you t But the re- led ion or aboli of it, forfiteth what you away the word out of their hearts, have. left they Shouldbelieve and be lived. N'aate; When Luke cohieeeth reveralpatlà- r 3. They on the rock, are they, ges, fpoken on feveral occalions, like Sotamo,t's which when they hear, receive the frovcrbs; n fugr. an salafr, and thence put the fenfe on them, is to make the fenfe, ,word with joy ; and thefe have and not to expound it. no root, which for a while be- 19. Then came to him his mother lieve, and in time of temptation and his brethren , and could not fall away. 14. And that which fell come at him for the peel's. no And among thorns, are they, which when it was told him by certain, which they have heard, go forth, and are raid Thy mother, and thy brethren choked with cares, and riches, and !{and without, detïring to fee thee. pleafures of this Iife, and bring no 21. And he anfwered and fait unto fruit to perfeflion. them, My mother and my brethren 1 i, 12, II, r.s. Nate, Hopeful and fair be- ginnings, in arty many, fall Stortof Salvation. are thefe which hear the word of a5. But that on the good ground, God, and do it, are they which in an honeft and 19, an, a s. N. Heknew that their ac4a'ale- tance with his Parents, Kindred, and Educe- good heart, having beard the word, ion, was the hindrance of their Faidn keep it, and bring forth fruit with and therefore he tetstitem knowdrat he hoda patience. higher.