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Ch. 14. Herod reproved. St. Luke. rrtpfie erred. Ch:1.4 it, may plainly and humbly tell them of their held their peace. And he took him, fin and danger, reg.rdicg their due honour. and healed him, and let himgo : And Hiftorians may truly defcribe them when 1, z 3, 4. Not ; thrift chofe fó ufually to they are dead. heal on the Sabbath, that it feems he purpofe. 3 3. Neverthelefs, I muff walk to ly chafe that time, to new them what work day and to morrow, and the day fol- Should be preferred. He would not forbear lowing : for it cannot be that a pro- doing good, to avoid the offence of erroneous phet perifh out of Jerufalem. Hypocrites. ' 3 3. WhateverHerod co,I mull do my work, 5 And anfwered them, Paying, andSnith it ; and fiall not fuffcr' by Herod in Which of you fhall havean afs, or Galilee, which is his lurifdi@ion, but dt ferofa- an ox fallen into a pit, and will not lem, the place of killing Prophets. ftraightway pull him out on the lab- 34. 0 Jerufalem , Jerufalem , bath-day ? 6. And they could not which killed the prophets, and fto- anfwer him again to thefe things? neft them that are fent unto thee : 5, 6. They could notconfuted his plain =- how often would I have gathered fon ; (But the wranglers of this Age can an. thy children together, as a lien doth fwer any thit:g.) gather her brood under her wings, '. And he put forth a parable to and ye would not ? thofe which were ,bidden, when he 34. O finful, mifcrable yzrufaltm! How oft marked how they chofe out the chief would I have . gathered thy whole City and rooms ; Paying unto them , 8. Nation (old and young) into my heir= of Love, andmy Church, by waking you mydi- When thou art bidden ofany man íciples; as tenderly as a Hen cloth gather and to a wedding, fit not down in love her Chickerm notcalting out your chit- the higheft room : left a more ho -. dren, but takinglñ your Nation, as God did nourable man than thou be bidden before : if you had not cut off your Pelves by of him : And he that bade thee unbelief, and obflinate reje&ing ,the Grace of- 9 fared to your Nation. and him, come and fay to thee, Give 35' Behold, your houle is left un.: this man place; and thou begin with to you defolate: And verily I fay un- flame to take the loweft room: to. toyou, ye (hall not fee toe, until the But when thou art bidden, go and time come when ye íhall fay, Blef- fir down in the lòwefl room ; that fed zr he that cometh in the nameof when he that bade thee cometh, he the Lord. niay fay unto thee, Friend, go up 35. Your Temple which you glory in, mall higher : then íhait thou have wor- fhorttybe dcmolimed, and your city debroy- flip in the prefence of them that fit ed :. And I tell you, that you fnall not rejoyce at meat with thee. it, the Salvationof the Mefliah, for wham you Note; Chri(t di(dained not to wait; till you learn to honour me with I-I - : 9' f nna;is, and to welcom them that preach my give Rules of Decency for civil coovertàtion, Gufpel to you. when the virtue of Humility, or the vice of Pride are concerned therein. r r. For whofoever exalteth him- felf, thall be' abafed ; and he that humbleth himfelf, íhall be exalted. I.)Nd it came to pals, as he ix. God will exalt' the humble, and abafe went into the houfe of one the proud ; and therefore we Inuit humbleour of the chief pharifeestoeat bread on Lives. the fabbath-day, that they watched r a. Then laid he allo to him that him. 2. And behold, there was a bade him, When thoumakeft a din- certain man before him, which had net or a flapper, call not the friends, the dropfe. 3. And Jefus anfwe- nor thybrethren, neither thy kinf- ring fpake unto the lawyers and plia- men, nor thy rich neighbours ; left ribes, Paying, Is it lawful to heal they all bid thee again, and a re- on the fabbath-day? g. And they compence be made thee. 13. But when CHAP. XIV.