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r Ch. i9.Chrift rideth in Triumph. St.Luke. to f erufalem. Ch. r9 reaping that I did not fow : 23. whereon yet never man fat: loofe Wherefore then gavel} not thou my him, and- bring him hither. 31. money into the bank, that at my And if any man ask you, Why do coming I might have required mine un- to him, Becaufe thus he Lordbath need own with ufnry . 22, 23. Note; Wicked men are apt to ex- of him. 32. And they that were cure their floth, and accule God's ftri&nefs : fent, went their way, and found e- But out of their own confeffions and words ven as he had faid unto them. 33 Shall Hypocrites, that profefs Chriftianity be And as they were loafing the colt, the owners thereof faid unto them, Why loofeye the colt? 34.And they Paid, The Lord bath needof him. condemned. Qu. What 9lfury is it which thrift by this Parablefeemeth to countenance ? ...infra. Such as God had not forbidden : To us now all Ufury is finful, that is againft either fuflice or Charity, or the public& good, and no o- ther : For Mafes's Political Law bindeth not us. 24. And he Paid unto them that flood by, Take from him the pound, and give it to him that hath ten pounds. 25. (And they faid unto him, Lord, he bath ten pounds.) 26. For I fay unto you, that unto every one which bath, fhall be gi- ven : and from him that bath not, even that he bath fhall be taken away from him. 24. to his reward. 25, 26. He that bath gained by his faithful induftry, lhall be muffed and rewarded ¡with more ; andhe thatunfaithfully negle&eth to Me the mercy truffed with him, !hall be deprived of that mercy, gifts, time, dre, which heneg- le&ed. 27, But thofe mine enemies which would not that I Should reign over them, bring hither, and flay thembefore me. 27. Thole Jews that hated and rele&ed me, and all fuch Rebellious Infidels Shall be de- ftroyed. 28. And when he had thus fpo- ken, he went before afcending up to,Jerufalem. 29. And it came to pats, when he was come nigh to Bethphage and Bethany , at the mount called the mount of Olives, he Pent two of his difciples, 3o.' Saying, Go ye into thevillage over againftyou ; in the which at your entring ye fhall find a colt tied, 28, 29, 3o, 3t, 32, 33, 84. Note; Though Luke name only the Colt, that denieth not the Al's named by other Writers. See Marrh. 21. r, 7. 8. 35. And they brought him to Jefus : and they cart their garments upon the colt, and they fet Jefus thereon. 36. And as he went, they fpread their clothes in the way. 37. And when_he was come nigh, even now at the defcent of the mount of Olives, the whole mul- titude of the difciples began to rejoyce, and praife God with a loud voice , for all the mighty works that they had feen, 38. Saying, Bleffed be the King that corneal in the näme of the Lord : peace in heaven, and glory in the higheft. 37. See on Math. 21. 9, /0,11. 39. And force of the pharifees from among the multitude Paid unto him, Mailer rebuke thy di- fciples. 4o. And he anfwered and Paid unto them, I tell you, that if thefe íhould hold their peace, the limes would immediately cry out, 39, 40. They dobut what God cloth capfe them todo, and if they did not, God would have it done, though by Miracle. 41. And when ,he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, 42. Saying, If thou hadft known, even thou, at leaft in this thy day, the things which belong nil: to thy peace ! but now they are hid from thine eyes.' 142 4rsO