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Ch. 2 r. The deflrith ion St. Luke. ofYerufalem. Ch. i g. And as force fpake of the ye fhall anfwer. r s. ForI will give temple, how it was adorned with you a mouth and wifdom, which all goodly ftones, and gifts, he faid, your adverfaries flail not be able to 6. As for thefe things which ye gainfay, nor refrfl. behold, the days will come, in the 14, rs. Nate; It is Chrift in Heaven that which there fhall not be left one givethGrace and Gifts tohis Servants on Earth Slone upon another, that Shall not by hisSpirit. be thrown down. r6. And ye Shall be betrayed 5, 6. See il9atih. 24 both by parents, and brethren, and 7. And they asked him, Paying, youffhall they caufe toabe fa to of Mafter, but when Shall thefe things death. r And ye Shall be hated be ? and what fign will there be ofall men for myname's fake. 18. when thefe things Shall come to But there Shall not an hair of your pats. Y y. Note; Corrupt Nature is more de(rous head perifh. toknow risings to come, than to prepare for 'them by prefent duty. . 8. And he Paid, take heed that ye benotdeceived : for many Shall come in my name faying, I am Chrift ; and the time draweth near : go ye not therefore after them. 8. Take you more care ofyour Selves, than to know the time; and be not deceived by talfe Chrifts, and fall Prophets. 9. But when ye Shall hear of wars, and commotions, be not ter- rified : for thefe things mull firfl come to pats, but the end is not by and by. to. Then Paid he unto them , Nation Shall rife againft nation, and kingdom againfl king- dom : r r. And great earthquakes Shall be in divers places , and fa- mines, and peftilences , and fear- ful fights, and great figns Shall there be from heaven. r 2. But be- fore all thefe, they Shall lay their hands onyou, and perfecute you, de- livering you up to the fynagogues, and into prifons, being brought be- fore kings and rulers for my name's fake. 03. And it Shall turn to you for a teftimony. 9, 10, i r, r 2, t 3. See Matth. 24. Note; Chrift did not draw in laifcipleswith the hopes ofprofperity. It nail be your Witnefs or Mar- tyrdom to divulge the Gofpel, and condemn unbelievers. r 6, 17, r8. Ye Shall be no lofers by all your (offerings ; you (hall be preferved till you are ripefor your full reward. 19. In your patience poffefs ye your fouls. 19. While you keep your innocence and Pa- tience, you keep your Soulsfrom danger and Ion: 20. And when ye fhall fee Jeru- falem compaffed with armies, then know thatthe defolation thereof is nigh. 21. Then let them which are in Judea, flee to the mountains ; and let them which are in the midfl of it, depart out ; and let not them that are in the countreys , enter thereinto. 22. For thefe be the days of vengeance , that all things which are written may be fulfil- led. 20, 2t, 22. feruflems Calamity (hall be fo great, that all that will be Safe, mofe Ay fromit. 23. But wo unto them that are with child and to them that give fuck in thofe days : for there 111a11 be great diftrefs in the land, and wrath upon this people. 24. And they flail fall by the edge of the fword and (hall be led away captive intoall nations : and Jerufalem Shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times ofthe Gentilesbe fiai- filled. 23, 24. Till the Heathenbe turned Chrili- 14. Settle it therefore in your ana themfelves, (inConffatuine's days) and then hearts, not to meditate before what lingfof Chriftina. eßored, and be the dwel- And