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Ch. z2: ne Lord's St. Luke: Supper inflituted. Ch: 22, . 5. Note 1c Wicked purpófes or,defire, ufe thefruit of the vine, Until the king- 10 meet withencouragement from Snickedmen. domof God shall come. 2i It is a heinous crimes when men dare cove- 6. 17, 18. Till we meet in Heaven ; or mm to fin for gáin: till I celebrate that Sacrament which is the Chri- 6. And he pronged, and fought f}ianPaflbver with you, id the holy Aflemblies, opportunity to betray himunto them where I will be fpiritually prefent. in the abfence of themultitude. Hotb comes the crop twice mentionrdt C. To avoid tumult. .Anf, The firft was part ofthe Pafîuver. But Bez,a noteth, that the 18thand t 9th verfesare 7. Then came the day ofunlea- not in the SyrianTranflition; tnoß an- vend bread,when the paffover muff dent: And in his very old Greek Copy now be killed. 8. And he Pent Peter at Cambridge; tT'eis do in remembrance of me ] and John, faying;Goand prepare us is left Out ofthe 19 verte; and he conjeLtures p force vertes are nanfpofed. the paffover;thatwe may eat.9.And 19. And he took bread,and gait they faid unto him, Where wilt thanks; andbrake {t, and gave un- thou that We prepare ? I o. And he to them, Paying, This it my body faid unto them Behold; *hen ye which is given for yóu: this do ids Are entred into the city, there fhalI remembrance of me. 2o. Likewife aman meet you, bearing a pitcher alío the cup after flipper, laying, Of water ; follow him into the houle This cup is the net» teftameht in my wherehe gntreth in. 'tr:And ye (hall blood, which is flied for you. fay unto the good man of the houle; 19, 20. See Matth. 26. Note ; Seeing the The Mallet faith unto thee, Where Fvangeliffs ufe not all the very fame words; it is the gueft- chamber, where Ì Thrill feems not ofabfolute neceffity to, ufe loft the fame fill. Yet all the fubftance mutt be retain, eat thepaffover with my difciples ? ed, and it's (Veit repeating all let together :i 2. And he (hall íhew you a large which they recite; and as Paul moll fully re- upper room furnifhed : there make citeth them; ready. 13; And they went and 2I. But behold, the handofhim found as he had Paid unto them : that able. éth me, is with Me on and they made ready the paffover. the table. 22. And truly the Son 7, 1, 9, to; 11, 12,13', Note 1. Chrift knew of man goeth as it was determined what would beft them out offight. 2. Being but wounto that man by whom he Made under theLaw, he would keep even that is betrayed. 23. And they began partthit typified himfelf. 14.And when thehour was comë, to enquireamong themfelves,which he fat down, and the twelve apo- °f them it was that fhould db this ftles with him. i 5. And be Laid thing. 21, 22; 23 . Nèfe ; How hard was 7udaís unto them, With define I have deli- heart; that took not this warning'. red to eat this paffover Withyoube- 24. And there was allo à itrife fore I fuller. among them, which ofthem ïliould 14. Note ; Chrift tarnefly dèfired the I'd- be accounted thegreateft. filling ofhis undertaken work, andholy Corn- 24. Note; This ftrife wasbefore/ Maltb.zó: munionwith his Servants. But Luleg keepeth not to the older ofbade. 16. For I fay unto ou, Iwill not 25 And helaid tinto them, The any moreeat thereof; until it beful- .kings of theGentiles eitercife lord- 'filled in the kingdom of God. fhip over them; and they that ek- -s 7. And he took the cup; andgave ercileauthority upon then are cal- thanks, and Paid, Take this, anddi- led benefaaors, z6. But ye :had vide it among your felves. 18. For not be fo : but he that is gr'eateft á- I fay unto your I will not drinkof Wong you, let him be as the yours.- Ì`T ter 3