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Y Ch. 24; Cbrifl appeareth St. 46. And fail unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behoved Chrift to fuffer, and to rife frem the dead the third day : 46. Thisfhould not teem new or (flange to yen, which the Scripturesfo fully foretold. 47. And that repentance and re- million of fins Mould be preached in his name, among all nations, be- ginning at Jerufalcm. 48. And ye are witnefies of thefe things. 47, 48. I haveby Redemption purchafed an Aá of Grace and Oblivion, a free univerfal pardon cf fin to all that repent and willaccept it, am-1y gift; This muff he preached to all Nations; and you teuft do it ER by Office, who are myWitneffes of the matter of f El, 49 And behold, I fend the pro- tnife ofmy Father upon you : but tarry ye in the city of Jerufalem, until yebe enduedwith power from on high. 49. And the greatFrotnife ofthe IMy Gboft, for Miracles, Tongues, and Holinefs, as myA- gent, Seal and Earnefl, I will quickly peur out Upon you. But wait together at yereefalem; till it be dore, and yen be endued wish the forefaid power floraGod. 5o. And he led them out as far as to Bethany : and he lift up his hands, and .bleffed them, 5a. And Luke:. to his Difciples. Ch. it came to pats, while he bleffed them,he was parted from them,and carried up into heaven. so, g t: Afterward, at the endofforty day, when he had oft appeared to them, and given them their Commiflien to go and Difciple all Nations, baptizing them in the name cfthe Fa- ther, Son, andHoly Ghofl, teaching them to obferve all things th,t he had commanded the prrmifing to bewith them to the end of the World, Math. is. í9,20. Mara 16. r }, 16. See .tills a,. 9, N. Chrift, thatparted firmEarth with a Bier- ling, will biefs his Church here and for ever, 52. And they worthipped him, and returned to Jerufalem with great joy 52,Ncte ; Though their Lord was gone from them on Earth. they were now allured that they had a Kingand Saviour in Heaven, whence his irfluence would be moil elctenftve and efficaci- ous. 53 And werecontiuually in the temple, praifing and blengGod. Amen. 53. As they worfhipped their glorified Re- deemer; fo the continued together affembled in the Temple, (not yet alienated fora all Jew- ifh u'orfhip )praifirgand magnifying theName of God, who had bellowed a Saviour and h's Grace upon them, and had given the Church fo gracious and glorious a Saviour and Head, and clone fuch wonders to confirm their Faith. Amen, The Gofpel according to St. JOHN, C H A P. I. I. N the beginning was the Word, and the Word was withGod,and theWord was God. 2.. The fame was in the be- ginning with Gcd. I, 2, The M ORD (which hath been fnte incarnate) was in the Beginning before the world was made ; And this Vs ORD was viith God, yea the WORDwes God, Thus this Came 'NORD was in the Beginning of Tinte, and cöufàlity with God, beingGod. 3. Allthings were made by him, andwithout him was not any thing made that was made. 3. He was a cacfal beginning to the whole Creation ; for all things were made by him : nothingwas made without hint by the Father, increatingor forming the World. 4. In him was life, and the Iife was the light of men. 4t Being GOD and onewith Bather, he was efpecially LIFE, even in and with she Father, theInfinite, Eternal, felliving God ; and Co he was Radically and Communicatively LIFE to the World ; even hrelleRsenlLife; Inwhich he is the LIGHT of tran, as beretidluat, and as7Apbbrr Ly.Rsvrlarioa, Igoe, It is %dual with tlr