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The ACTS of the HOLY APOSTLES. jote, That this Hiftory written by Saint Luke, is not to be fup oledto contain all the Miracles, Preaching andSuccefs ofall the Apoflles ; but only the Hillory of Peter andPaul, andfame few others their Companions, andthat . but for a /hart fpace of time : not mentioning what the other ten !1 Doles and their helpers didin o- ther parts of the World ; nor what Peter and Paul did to the end of their lives (fasppofed to be ten years after the endingof this Hifiory): yea Peter'sHíflory is here Recorded but for a far Porter time thanPaul's withwhomLuke Travelled. And tho.rgh this Hilleryof Luke have more infallibility than other Hiflories ofChurch affairs finie written yet all other credible notice of matter 'of Fall and Church pratlice from the beginning, is ofgreat ufe torts, and not to be defpifed CI-AP. r. ' fl E former treatife have I made, OTheophilus, of all that Jefus beganboth, to do and teach, s., Until the day in which he wastaken up,after thathe through the holy Ghoft had given commandments unto the apoftles whom hehad chofen. t. I wrote theGofpel Hiftory as a Recordof Chrift's Birth, Miracles and Doa&rine, reaching to the day of his Afcenfion, after he had by breathing-on his Difciples given them the Holy Cihoft, and their Contmiffrons. ;. To whom alto he fhewed him:felfalive afterhis paffion,byma- ny infallibleproofs, being feen of -them forty days, and fpeaking of the thingspertaining to the kingdom of God': 3 Thst their Faith Shouldnot waver but have full affurance, he !hewed himfelf to unqueftionable manifeftation. at feveral times in the forty days (pace; in which he abode on Earth before bis Afcenfion, Inftruaing them in the matters ofhis.Kingdoto. 4.And being affembled together with them, commanded them that they fhould not depart from Jerüfa= lem,but wait for the promife of the father, which, faith he, ye have heard of me. 5. For John truly bap- pized with water ; but ye titan be baptized with the holy Ohoft, not many days hence 4, 5. And when he was among them, he bid them waitat Jerufalem for the great Gift of the Father, even the Holy Ghoft, the Promife ofwhich ye have heard ofmet which tall be your full ioleoso initiation into yourApoftolical and extraordinary Miniftry, and a few days hence you fhall receive. Note, The Holy Ghoft given by Chrift's breathingon them, was not a meer Title, Name or Relation, but yet k was not that full efftfiòn which they were to have afterhis Afcenfion s but a previous earneft of to !hew them from whomthe fuller Communication was to come, differing from this latter, as his own Refurre. ¿Hon Vi&ory differed from his Afcenfion, Ma. jetty and Kingdom. They were not to let upon the Publick Miniftry without this necef ary previous qualification: norlhouldany nowtake upthe ordinary Miniftry, withoutholy fuitable qualifications byChrift'sSpirit, 6.When theythereforewere come together, they asked of him,`faying, Lord; wilt thou' at this time reftore again the kingdom toIfrael? 6. They were now in hope ofEarthly Do= minion, and Paid, Wilt thou now deliver ffrael from Captivity,and reign invifible Gloryover them, as theMefliah? q; ' And he Paidunto them, It it not for you to know the times or the feafons, which the Father hail put in his own power, 8. But ye (hall receive `power after that tie holy Ghoft-is cbmé ùpòn you aìd ye (hall be witneffes unto nie : both inJerufalem, and in all Judea, and inSamaria, and unto the utternoft cart of the earth. á