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Ch: 28: Paul Preetcheth The As at Rome. Ch. aS left they fhould fee with their eyes, the Lord JefusChrif}, with all confi- and hear with their ears, and HD- dente, no man forbidding him. derftand with their heart, and fhould 30: And Paul was fo free a Ptjfoner, that be be çonverted,and I lhould heal them. was allowed to live in hisown hired houle, and 26. You verifie the words of the Prophets, there for two years received all, howmany fo being like your fore-fathers, of whom Ifaiah ever, _great or (Mail, who came to him, Preach. faith, that though they have their Natural fa- ing even in imperious Rome theRingdomofGoth cukies of Peeing, hearing and uudetftanding, as ruling Souls to Salvation by the Redeemer yet they have Wilfully fo indifpoîed and corrupt- Teaching all the Marines and Pra&ices ofCh ;- eel them, that as to the knowledge and obedi- ltianity, (.t1-,e Balmy of Chrilt, his Perron, Of- once ofGod, they are as if they had neither fice, Abts, Grace and Glory;) and this with all Eyes, Ears or Underltauding, from whence it is bolduels and f eedom, NO MAN FORBID: that my refifted and rejefledGrace dock norCon- DING HIM, filencing him,or condemning them vert andheal them, for Conventicles, or any way hindering him, e- 28. Be it known therefore unto veninProud, Powerful, Heathen Rome: When the Religious yewifls Priefts and Rulers, hunted you, that the falvation of God is tent Chrift's Mir ifters as Blood-hounds, forbidding unto the Gentiles, and that they them to Preach to the Gentile, that they might be Caved, and fo wrath is come upon them ne will hear it. the uttermoft, as it will in due time on all that 28. be it known toyou that the Chrift whom imitate them. you rejea null be preached to the Gentiles, and Note, r. What Passl Preached not vain ar - theywillbelieve inhim,and receive him fir their ling or envious railing, but the Kinggdom of Saviour : And Chri(t will let up among them God, and the things concerning Jefus Shrift and the Catholick Church, and Kingdom of God, Salvation. which you reje6t, and which Shall therefore be 2. Where : In Reme, and in his own hired none of yours, that boafted in your expe&ati- Houle. ón of it. 3. To whom: To all that come to him. 29. And when he had Paid thefe 4. How long : Two years, at that time. words, the Jews departed, and had 5. How: with all confidence, opennefs and great reafoning among themfelves. boìduefs. 29. Note, Bat Co many of them believed at 6. How tolerated : No man, Emperouf or Rome, yerufalem, and many Countries, as were Senateor inferior Officer, Soldiers or Magiftrates, a contederahie part of the Chriftian Church at Priefts or People hindering orforbidding him, in that time : And within four hundred pears, the Capital Heathen City of th'e World, which Chriftianity was the profeffed National Religion yet was devoted to Idolatry. and captivated the in ü íca. Church of God bothy,w., and Gentiles. But had o. And Paul dwelt two whole Paul Preached immorality, Rebellion, abufive 3 injury to others, no doubt they would have pu- years inhis own hired houfé, and re- nifh'edhim ï And verily many Preachers whore - Celved all that came in notó him: 33. Dettrine is tolerable, are fo ahulive in falle re- viling Applications, that We may fay, forre Or- Preaching the kingdom of God, and ehodox Churches have need of Church Juftices teaching thole things which concern to keep the peace. The Epifile of P A îJ L the Apode, to the ROMAN S. The INTRODUCTION. FO R the underftandingof Paul's Epiftle to the Romans, it is neceßá'y, I. To un- derffand his mainDean and Subje&. II. To that end, to know what Parties he had fo do with. III. And what their feveral Errours were, or their Tempptations to Errour. IV. And by what Arguments he oppofed them, and what he granteth them. I. Paul'sgreat Defign is to eftablifh the RomanChriftians in the Faith oftheGofpel, and in Holinefe ofLife, and in mutual hove andConcord againft all the Temptations which then alFaulted them. II, The