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Cfl. r3. Parablesexpounded. St.Matthew. Kingdomofheauen.Gh.13: 336. Then Jefus fent the multi- their Father. Who hath .ears to hear, rude away, and went into the houfe : let himhear. and his difciples came unto him,, 43. Then !hall the righteous, whoare now (eying, Declare unto us the parable obfcured by infirmities and malignant Slanders, and are opprefrd in the World, Thine forth of the tares of the field. in glory in the kingdom of Love, even of 36. Nte, It is the part of Learners, to ask God as their Father in Chrift, as the Sun their Teachers help, to underftand that which fhineth in the heavens in refplcndent glory. they underftand not. As ever youwill ufe your Ears or Underftand- 37. He anfwered and faid unto logs, believe and forefèe this glorious bleffed them, He that foweth the good feed, day to Believers. is the Son ofman: 38. The field is 44. Again, the kingdom of bea- the world : the good feed are the ven is like unto treafure hid in a children of the kingdom : but the field : the which when a man hath tares are the children of the wicked found, he hideth, and for joy there- one : 39. The enemy that fowed of goeth and felleth all that he bath, them, is the devil : the harveíl is and huyeth that field, the end of the world : and the rea- 44. The wayofSaluation by Chrift, fheweth gets are the angels. Men the certain hopes of tá ineftimable a 37, re It is Chrift that foweth the good Treafure in the Life to come, as maketh the feed, by preaching the Gofpel, and planting faithful pleafure, choofe it for their heft, andpare with the Churches by himfelf and his Servants. all their obtain profit, and honour of the The World is the firft obje& of the Gofpe! World to ic. Preached:, and out of which Believers are ga- 4S Again, the kingdom of hea- thered: The good feed (as fown, is the Gofpel, ven is like unto a merchant man, but) as fpringing up in fruir, are the faithful, feeking goodly pearls : 46. Who who are properly the Members of the Church when he had found one pearl of of Chi*: The Tares (as fown, are evil Do f rife, he went and fold all &tines and Temptations, but) as (prang up in g ree p fruit are the Children of the Devil, who is the that he had and bought it. father of wickednefs: The enemy of God and 45, 46. Note, He that hndeth not by faith goodnefs, and man that (owed them, by him- enough in the love of Godand heavenly Glory, feif and his Servants, fignifieth the Devil : the and in Chrift the way thereto, to make him time of Harveft is, the end of this World, even confent fincerely and pra&ically, to fell or part the day of Judgment : The Reapers or Execu- with all theWorld rather than lofe it, is not Onus are the Angels. capable of a juft title to ir, nor !hall obtain it, 4o. As therefore the tares are ga- 47. Again, The kingdom, of hea- theredand burnt in the fire; fo (hall ven is like unto a net that was caft it be in the end of this world. into the fea, and gathered of every 4r. The Sonof man íhall fend forth kind. 48. Which when it was full, his angels, and they íhall gather they drew to íhore, and fate down, out of his kingdom all things that and gathered the good into vefrels, offend, andthem which doiniquity : but call: the bact l away. 42. And !hall call them into a fur- 47, 48. The Church is gathered, as Men nace of fire : there shall lit wailing 1íy carting a Net into the, Sea gather fillies, good and bad ; And at the day of Judgment, and gnafhing of teeth. 4ö. &c. So in the end of this World, Chrift will take the good to Heaven, and caft Chrift shall fend forth his Angels as his ezecu- away the bad to Hell. ring Miniftera ; and they !hall gather out of the Note, t. It is not t Q be wondred at, that World ( which he is over,) and fpecially out the vifible Church teeth ood and bad. a. Yet of the vfble Church, all rebellious, unholy, fhis is not the gn of the Gofpel which is }ticked, fufible ous, carnal Men, and Ilaan caft fitted to make all good, but by the intrufion them intoHell, which is likened to a lakeof of Hypocrites. Nor is it an eacofe for the Fire; where they negleít of difcipline, and the juft difcrimina- !hall lye in torment and a Lion of the good and bad. felf-aflic}ing Confcience. 49. So íh411 it be at the end of 43. Then hall the righteous ¡hint: the world : the angels ¡hall come uvrth as the fun, in the kingdom of forth, and fever the wicked from D4 PION