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Ch. r. Toyand Patience James. under Crof cs, Ch. i 22. And I befeech you, brethren, fuffer the word of exhortation, for I have written a letter urrto you in few words, 23. Know ye that our bro- ther Timothy is fet at liberty, with whom, if he come thortly, I will fee you. 24. Salute all them that have the rule over you, and all the Saints. They of Italy falute you. 25. Grace be with you all. Amen. 22, 23, 24, 25. Note, I. So bad isMan,even Chriftians, through the RelicKs of their Cor- ru tion that when the molt important comfor- table Dehrine is deliver'd to them for their own good, and that with the molt convincin' Evidence, there is need ofearnet Entreaty ati Exhortation that they woold bear it, and not fall out with it, neglet it, or rejet it. 2. For People to know and regard their faithful Patton, or Church-Guides, or Rulers, is of fo great importance to their Salvation and the Churches Union, Strength and Safety, againft Ignorance, Unbelief, Error and Unru linefs, that they are three times minded of it in this one Chapter. : The General (or Catholick) Epiale of St. JAMES ( the Apaf le, fay molt Copies ) Whether the Writer was one of the Twelve, called the Son of Alpheus, or rattier the Son of Cleophas, Cousin-German to Jefus, and called his Brother, is un- certain. The dr ft of the Epiftle is, i. To oflablifh the Chriflian yews in a well-order'd, reli- iour courfe of Life, and fortifie them againfl Tribulations. 2. Tofhame a fort of Sellaries, who mifunderflood andabufed the Dollrine ofJuflifstation by Faith, and turn'd Religion into Opinion ; and yet were not only Magiflerial Boasters of the'ngreat Knowledge, but did it by acenforious contentious Contempt of others, and making Oflentationof their fuppos'dWífdom, as Heretichj ufe to do, by aproud and wrangling Pelf-exalting way. 3. To reprove the Overvaluing of the Rich, and their Contempt of the Poor, and the Guilt of Senfuality, Worldlinefs, and Pride, that had corrupted dome among them. C H A P. I. a. Ames a fervant of God, and of J the Lord Jefus Chrift, to the twelve tribes which are fcattered abroad, greeting. I. Note, I. Ten ofthe Tribes, ever fence ,the Reign of King Holheá, were fcatterd by Captivity, and-the reft were in great numbers difperfed through much ofthe Roman Empire, partly by the many Infurrefions and Wars which had brought them to Ruine by Conque- rors, and partly by the fmallnefs and povertyof their Country 3 fo that at firt the Apottles,when they travel'd into Heathen Countries, began their Preaching, andChurch gatheringwith the Jews Synagogueswhich they found there. 2. My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations. 5. Knowing this, that the trying ,of your faith worketh patience. 2, 3. Note, va He fpeakerh not of dire& tern- ptationsto fin, as cat into us by the Devil or carnal allurements, and fleshly appetite and lots, but of Tryst bySuffering for Chrift andRigh° teoutiefs chiefly , and partly next for fuch cor- reting Tryals from God, as tend to our amendment. 2. It is not the fufferine that is matter of joy in it felf, but the good effets of a proved Faith and encreafed Patience, Tryals, becaufe they tend to this, Should be receiv'd with joyp but when they caufe this, much more. 4. But let patience have her per- fef} work, that ye may be perfeft 4nd entire, wanting nothing. 4. Note t, The care ofa try'd sufferingChri. bait Should be, to look tohis Faith and Patience (as the Goldsmith doth to his Gold in theliirel and to fee that they be duly andfully exercised and have their Perfedt work. 2. A full or perfet 'exercise and ufe of Pa- tience in great Tryal; llteweth a ftrong entire Chritián, and bathgreat joy, when a lame ufe of Patiencemixt with much Impatience, íhew. eth alame Chritian, and giveth but little joy. 3. To defpair, or fret, or swell with bitter revengeful thoughts a§int our Persecutors or Enemies, is contrary to found Chritiaíiity. ®o 5.áf