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Ch. i6. TThePharifees leaven.''St. Matthew. Peterr't confefo . Ch. i6 thoufand, and how many baskets ye took up ? au. Neither the feven loaves of the four thoufand, and how many baskets ye took up ? r a. Flow is it that ye do not understand, that I fpake it not to you concerning bread, that ye fhould beware of the leaven of the Pharifees, and of the Sadduces ? e 2. Then understood they how that he bad them not be- ware of the leaven of bread, but of the doEtrine of the Pharifees, and of theSadduces. 7, &c. We are dull of underftanding till Chrift inftru& us, and apt to put a carnal fence upon his Words. 13. When Jefus came into the coasts of Cefarea Philippi, he asked his difciples, faying, Whom domen fay, that I, the Son of man, 'am? 13. Note, Chrift would not fomuch as urge his own Difciples to confefs him to be the Chrift, till his works were a cogent teftimony, that their faith might not be precarious, nor by bare command ; but by convincing evi- dence. 14. And they Paid, Some fay that thou art John the Baptilt, force Elias, and others Jeremias, or one of the prophets. 14. Note, n. Men were convinced that he was of God, ( that is, the multitude, but not the Rulers :) But they thought he was not the Meffiah, but fome great Prophet's Soul in a new body. 2. By this it is evident that the multitude then believed the immortality ofthe Soul : elfe they could not think that thofe Souls came intoother Bodies. a ç. He faithunto them, But whom 19. And hereafter I will make thee aruling fay ye that I am ? 18. And Simon Steward over my Church, asit is God'sKing- Peter anfwered and fail Thou art on earth, preparatory to the H y + Kingdom ofGiory; and the due adminiftrati- Chrifl the Son ofthe living God. onof thy Office by thefe Keys of Power, mall s I, 16. Note, r. It was meet, that thofe that be the ordinary way to Heaven, and a fore- were to preach Chrift to others, mould be runner of the final Juftification of the Faithful. brought to an open confeffion of him them- and of the final condemnation of the Impeni- felves. 2. It's like the reft believed as Peter, tent and Ungodly, whom by my Doctrine, ho he only fpake. and the due application of it, thou bindeft 17. And Jefus anfwered and faid over tomy Judgment. unto him. Bleffed art thou Simon Note, As Peter was the Foreman or Speaker in their common Confeffion, fo by Peter the Bar-jona : for flefh and blood hath Promifè ismade to them all; And to them all not revealed it unto thee, but my Chrift after gave this Power: But he never Father which is in heaven, made Peter Governour of the reft of the Apo- t7 It is a point of fo great importance to Ries, much left the Pope San&ification, Juftification, and Salvation, ve- ao. Then charged he his difciples rily tobelieve me tobe the Chrift and Saviour, that they fhould tell no man that he that this faith is the evidence and means of was Jefus the Chrift. 2o. Ab thy bleffednefs: It is not meet Man that hath revealed this, fo as to make thee a true be- liever, but my heavenly Father, by myworks and word, and by hisgrace. 18. And I fay alfo unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates ofhell shall not prevail againil: it. 18. And as thou haft confeft me to be Chrift, I will fay to thy comfort, that as thy name fignifieth a Rock or Stone, fo by-thee (and thy Brethren) I will build any Church on thie Rock, againft which all she Powers of Hell, the Devils and wickedAtli Fall norpre- vail. Nate, a. It is a great Controverfie whether by [this Rock] be meant. t. thrift himfeif, 2. Or the faith and confefïion of Chrift, 3. Or Peter himfeif. But no do&rinal con- troverfle dependeth on it: For all three are certain truths. a. No doubt but primarily Chrift is the Rock on which the Church is built. 2. And no doubt but Faith andConfegi. on being thecondition of our part inChrift. the Church is fo far built thereon. 3. And no doubt but the Apoftles are called Foundation. Rones on which the Church is built, and there- fore Peter whole name importeth it, and was a chief fpeaker among them, as the Foreman of a Jury, 2. Though the Powers of Heft may Teem to prevail, as they did over Chrift, while he was on the Croft', they are then next an overthrow themfelves. 19. And I will give unto thee the keys ofthe kingdom of heaven; and what foever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven and whatfoever thou f ualtlóofe on earth, (hall be loofed in heaven. a