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Cthrifd defcrib'd LJo 18. But grow in grace; and in the knowledgeof our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift : to him be glory both now and for ever, Amen. I8. But contrariwife, labour diligently to grow in all Grace (in Faith, Love, Holinea, Patience, Hope, ere.) and in the Knowledgeof 1ín, forour imitationi Ch. our Lord and Saviour Jails Chrift ( his Perfoia, Office, Undertaking, Performance, Humilia- tion, Refurrectìon, Dotrine, Example, Spirit, Intercetfon, Glory, Kingdom and Judgment That as Glory belongeth to him, you may glo- rile him how, and in the fight of lais Glory; for ever. ,,Amen. The Firft Epiftle General of JOHN the Apáftle;. C H A P. L "`'Hat which was from the begin- ning; which we have heard, which we have feen with our eyes, which we have looked Upon, and otir hands have handled of the word of life. r. Whereat there are of late many Herefies fptung up about the Perfon, Do¿trine, and Works of Chrift, I !hall declare to you that which was from thebeginning ( his Godhead, or fay,others; that ofhim which was decreed from Eternity; or as others, thatwhich is true of him from his Beginning or Incarnation) and [ that fame Chrift whom we have heard and feen with our Eyes, and look'd on, and our ands have handl'd, even the humane Body of Chrift the Word ofLifed Or as others, [that Gof el which we have heard, that Perfon, and thofe Works which we have feen, and him whom we have handled, as thefè concern the Gofpel Of Life.] 2. (For tte life was manifefled,and we have fen it, and bear witnefs, and thew unto you that eternal life which Was with the Father, and was mani feftedunto us.) a. For Chrift, who is Life in himfelf, and the Fountain ofLife tó us, was manifefted in Fletis, anTI we have feen him, and bear wimefs and preach to you the Eternal Divine Life and Nature of Chrift, whichwas eternally one with ;he Father, and was maiaifeff to us. 3. That which we have feen and heard, declare we unto you that ye alfo mayhave fellowfhip with us; and trulyour.fellowfhip is with the Father, and with his Son Jefus Chrift. 3. I fay, We declare to you that of Chrift, which we our (elves have feen and heard, that fo what we had by Peeing and hearing, ou spay have from our Tefithony, whohave feen and heard Chrift himfeif; and fo you may by our communication partake of the fame Faith and trace as we Our (elves do, andmay conti- nue inour Communion; and that is no other than to have dae fame Father and Saviour from and with whom it is that we havecommunica- tion and communion, and net to turn fiom- them. 4. And thefe things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. a And the end Of my writing this to you, is the aompleating of your own joy and Salvai taon. g. This then is the meffage which we have heard of him, and declare Lento you, that God is light, and in him is no darknefs at all. 5. The firft and great part of Chrift's Do= ¿tripe, and our Meflage, is to teach us to know God himfelf; and firft, that he Ls Light, and in him isno Darknefs at all. Note, r. The Apoftle telling uswhat God is; fpeaketh in the Abftraft, to let. us know that it is his Effence, and not a nacer Accident that lib meaneth. Mid as God's Image in man's Soul harp three ef(entiating FaCulties,Vita(ity ynder. (landing, and ISSU, which are eminently Self - totions,Li ht, andHear, or refembled by thee; fo God is-herecall'd LIFE, v. LIGHT, v.9. and L0vE, c.4. v. 8. a. When God is call'd LIGHT, iris fpokeh but metaphorically, and fignifethhis KNOW- LEDGE or WISDOM, as at is his Effence, and as Communicative, giving the Light of Know. ledge to all that have it, and wifely ruling them by his Laws : And allo the GLORY of this, and all hisPerfections, as refulgent to the Creature : for Gloryand Light are oft the fatale in (etas. 3. When it is laid, Those is no darloefs ïia him, it meaneth, No Ignorance, nor Privation, nor VÜcomfortablenef, as Darknefs is. - 6. If we fay that wehave feliowfhip with him; and walk in darknefs, we lie,