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Ch.x7.7hepaJonforetold. St. Matthew. Chrift payeth tribute.Ch.r7. until the Son ofman be rifen again from the dead. 9. The rearm is before mentioned : After the refuted ion was the heteft (talon, to. And his difciples asked him, (dying, Why then fay the Scribes, that Elias muff &it come ? to. Why fay the Jewith Doctors that Elias and come before the Mefliah ; if this was he that we faw. r r. And Jefus anfwered and laid unto them, Elias truly fhall firft come, and reftore all things : 12. But I fay unto you, that Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatfoever they lift- ed : lilrewife shall alfothe Son ofman fuffer of them. 13. Then the difci- pies underftood that he fpake unto them ofJohn the Baptift. t t. &c. It is true that is laid out of Mal. that Elias mutt come, but it was Yohn that was meant under the name of Elias, whom they knew not, but killed him while they looked for him, and fa they will do by me. 14. And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him a tertoin man kneeling down to him, and faying, 15. Lord, have mercy onmy Son, for he is ltinatick, and fore vexed : for oft-times he faileth into the fire, and oft into the water. 16. And I brought him to thy difci- pies, and they could not cure him. 14. N. By ILunatickl is meant one that had the Epileptic, or Come Each diCeafe upon the change of the Moon : Areai difeafe, ofwhich yet theDevil was the executioner, and further joined with it extraordinarily. r 7. Then Jefus anfwered andPaid, O faithlefs and perverfe generation, how long £hallI be with you ? how long íhall I fuffer you ? bring him hither to me. r7. It is long of your own unbelief and par- vermneil, that they could not cure him : How long lift I work miracles among you before you will believe? will you drive me from a- mongyou byyour unbelief, to go to others? N. This feemeth plainly fpoken to the man of himfelf, and filch others, and not as force lay, to the difciples. 18. And Jefus rebuked the devil, and he departed outofhim : and the child was cured from that very hour. 19. Then came the difciples tojefus apart, and laid, Why could not we call him out ? 20. And Jefus faid unto them, Becaufe of your unbelief: is, die. Your unbelief as well as the man's was that which hindtedyou t youare all there- in to be blamed. zo. For verily I fay unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of muftard- feed, ye fhall fayunto this mountain, Remove hence toyonder place, and it (hall remove ; and nothing (hall beunpoffible unto you. 20. For ifyou have the leaft true beliefand truft in my Power and Will forthe working of any filch miracle, as I commifïion you to work, if it were as hard as the removing of a moun- tain, it lhonld not be too hard for you. Nate, It is not faith but Prefumption which hath no promifeof fuccefs, if theyor any are confident ofworking any miracle, which Chrifi never commiffionatedor called them towork, or promifed his bleffrng to. 21. Howbeit this kind goeth not out, but by prayer and fatting. 2t. But by faith I mean not confident pre- fumption,that God willdo it in your own way : But for fich as this, God will be fought by fa- iingand fervent prayer, in which way you may expel} fuccefs, if the perfon 'all() be capa- ble that feeketh help. 22. And while they abode in Ga. lilee, Jefus laid unto them, The Sort of man (hall be betrayed into the hands of men : 23. And they fhall kill him, and the third day he !hall be railed again : and they were ex- ceeding forry. 22, z ;. Again, Chrill fortels them alai, death and refurrel}ion, to inftruft and prepare them for it : which they were grieved at. 24. And when they werecome to Capernaum, they that received tri- bute-money,.came to Peter, and Paid, Doth not your Mailer pay tribute ? 25. He faith, yes. And when hewas come into the houfe, Jefus prevent- ed him, Paying, What thinkeft thou , Simon ? ofwhom dothe kings ofthe earth take cuftomor tribute? oftheir own children, or of ftrangers ? 26. Peter faith unto him, of ftrangers. Je- firs faithunto him, Thenarethechil- dren free. 24, 23, 26. it They had two forts of Tri- bute