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A POSTSCRIPT. TH E S E Memoranda on review I think meet to annex. I. It is a great Queftion, whether our four EvangelifIs in the Greek do recite the very words of Chrift (and others) or only tranflate them : And it dependeth on the Queftion, Whether the Greek or Caldee ( called Hebrew) was then that Vulgar Tongue in which ue mull fuppofe Chrift fpake. And hitherto molt Learned Men have fup- pos'd that it was the Caldee, and fo that Chrifi's words are deliver'd to us but as tranflated. But the very learned Ijaac Vofies bath newly after- ted very confidently, that it was the Greek that was then their common Tongue. I am no competent Judge, but feveral pafiàges hinder me from aflenting. 1. AiI. 2 r. 37, 40. [ CanIl thou fpeakGreek 1] . Whether this was [ Vox dubitantis, or admirants] is doubted : but whichever it was, it plainly implieth, that Greekwas not their molt ufual Tongue. And, v. 40. [He (pake unto them in the Hebrew Tongue] &c. 22. 2. When they heard that he fake in the Hebrew Tongue to them, they kept the morefilenre.] This implieth that the Vulgar belt underítood it. 2. All. 2. 8, 9, 1o, n. All the People nam'd, tho' in the Roman Provinces, heard the Apoftles fpeak in their own Tongues : Which im- plieth, that all there Countries kept their own Languages, and that the Greekwas but the Learned's Tongue, as Latin and Greek are now with us; which few but the Romans and the richer fort learnt, and commonly ufed. 3. The experience of the World tells us, how hardly the Vulgar,change their common Tongue : Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, &c. tell us this, where Englijh is but rich mens Language, after many hundred years Conqueft of the Britains, &c. H. Whereas I have mention'd in the end of the Bagauda, or Baquetes, as alhrm'd by F'refne, Bagávdárurn edam muni- the Life of Bobeline, &c. to be Chriftians, and it nit unooni"'n Panegyr da Scholrs infaurand-s, at ter feemeth to crofs them that fay, that Chrzjlians vita S. Mauricii Mart. never refilled the Heathen Empereurs by Arms : Ex qua cbrìßtanos foifr Let it be noted, I. That there is no probability deerno,. Gloffario DO. Ere(ne that they were all Chriftians : For divers Writers voce Bagaoda. make fo great a number inFrance and Spain to be for them, as flfeweth that it was allo the poorer fort of the Vulgar Hear Y y tl ens