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Ch. 26. Cbrif$ examined St. Matthew. His anfwer. Ch. a6, 54. N. We mutt not ftrive againft Events oft invain Ito talk it out with them. And they whichwe foreknow will come topats. watch'd for words ofhis own toaccufe him of. 55. In that fame hour faidJefus to And the high prieft anfwered and the multitudes, Are ye come out as Paid untohim, I adjure thee by the againft a thief with fwords and llaves living God, that thou tell us, whe- for to take me ? I fat daily with you ther thou be the Chrifl, the Son of teaching in the temple, and ye laid no hold on me. g g. Why did you not take me in the Tem- ple, but thus in the Night like a Thief. 56. But all this was done, that the fcriptures ofthe prophets might be fulfilled. Then all the difciples for- fook him, and fled. 56. All thiswas foretold in Scripture. They let his Difciples go, and they tied away in fear. S7. And they that had laidhold on Jefus, led him away to Caiaphas, the highprier, where the fcribes and the elders were affembled. 58. But Pe- ter followed hint: afar off unto the high prieft's palace, and went in, and fat with the fervants to fee the end. 57' 58. They brought him to their Arch- prieft, as glorying in their fuccefi : And Peter went inwhere the Servants fate. S9. Now the chief priefls and el- ders, and all the council fought falfe power, and coming in the clouds of witnefs againft Jefus to put him to heaven. death: 6o. But found none : yea, 64. I am he, and though I stand here to be though many falfe witneffes came, judged by you, your Eyes fhall Ice me coming yet found they none. At the left in Glory, and in Power, to judge you and all the World : (or as Come fay, To deffroy you came two falfe witnefl'es, 6r. And by the Romans.) Paid, This fellowfaid, I am able to deftroy the temple of God, and to build it in three days. 59, ere. N. r. As Hypocrites in Religion, are worfe than Pagans, in that they father their wickednefs on God and Religion; fo Hy- pocrite fudges, and Lawyers, are herein worfe than lawlefs Murderers, that they abufe and drfgrace Law, and Government, by wing them y to injufticc, and bloodthed, 2. Noman is fo 65, 66. Thet) the High Priest had that good or innocent, that falle Witntfamay not which he défired, and by rending his Clothes, condemn. Chewed his Abhorrence of the fuppofèd fin nt 6z. And the high prieft stole, and Chrift, and demanded the Sentence of the g Court againft him, as a Alafphemer, And they laid unto him, Anfwereft thou no- voted him for it guilty of death. thing ? what is it which thefe wit- Note, r. How foolifh a thing is it to think nefs againft thee ? 63. But Jefus that any Law, or any mans Innocency, or held his Peace. Goodnefs, will prefervc lull iceor Piety, while badMen are Judges. Can any Lawbe better 62, 63. N. Chrift was filent to Thew, X. than God's? Or any Perron better than Chrift ? That he was not over follicitous for his Life. The Devil's Judges poffeffing the place that 2. When malignant falle Judges are refolved God inftituted to defend Truthand Equity, will what to do againft lnnacency and Right, it is condemn God himfelf manifeft in Fleib, by his God. 63. N. is Once for all take notice, that fan.Jwering] was then among the 'isms a com- mon Phrale, for ffpeaking in aloft] rho' no que- flinn was askt. s. It was the malignant Poli- cyofthat Arch-prieft, to make Chrift his own Acculer, and W itnefs, when they couldget no other: For they knew that he that bound his Difciples tocenfefè him, would not refufeto confefs himflf, when adjured by God though he was filent as to his Defence againfe perfonal Accufations. And fo it is with Chrift's Enemies to this day, who put Chriftians that dare neither lie, nor conceal neceffary truth upon felf-Accufarion. As they could find no- thing againft Daniel, except about the Law of his God, which he durit not break to fave his Life ; fo do the Devil's Officerstake advan- tage of good Men's Confciences, to defiroy them. 64. Jefus faith unto him, Thou haft faid : neverthelefs I fay unto you, Hereafter (hall ye fee the Son ofman fitting on the right hand of 65. Tfien the high prieft rent his clothes, Paying, He has fpoken blaf phemy ; what further needhave we of witneffes? behojd, now ye have heard his blafp my. 66. What think ye ? Thd anfwered and laid, He is guilty death.