Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

80 BAXTER's POEMS. Yea, this by his supply was done: Whose covenant bade me do it. Because I had not of my own, So much as would serve to it. And after this when my false heart Forgot my dearest Lord; He did perform a Saviour's part, And still my soul· restored. I fear' d lest as but once he died, He would but once forgive: But still when in distress I cried, He did my soul relieve. Still when he took me by the hand, My father on me smiled: Oft have I broken his con1niand ; And yet he call'd me ~hild. I know his power: and for his love, It spoke by pains and blood: Largely doth he his kindness prove, And make his promise good. Therefore I m uever more despair, Nor take myself for lost: For he will all my loss repair, Though at the dearest cost. Yea more, I have .his hand to shew, That when my lease is out, A kingdom he 'll on me bestow: ~e -chides me if I doubt.