Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. I '11 trust on him, and ,use his name, Whatever be my need: And I shall 'scape the wrath and shame , And shall be sure to speed. And for that sin that play'd the thief, I '11 stop its poisonous breath ; Or pine it with consuming grief, And famish it to death. And I '11 take heed for time to ·come ; Of wandering abroad, With my best constant friend at home, I '11 settle mine abroad. The bellows I '11 yet take jn hand, Till this small spark shall flame. Love shall my heart .and tongue command, To praise God's holy name. ' Once more I mean to sweep all clean, And cast out filthy sin: And Christ again I '11 entertain, And.wait on him within. I 'll mend the roof : I '11 watch the door, And better keep the key: I '11 trust my treacherous flesh no more , But force it to obey~ I '11 make a covenant with mine eyes ; My tongue shall know its law: I '11 all the baits t>f sin despise, And keep my heart in awe .