Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

10~ BAXTER'S POEMS. I will enable-· thee to do the rest; And take the stony heart out of thy ·breast: I '11 put God's fear and love into thy heart, That thou may'st never more "from him·depart. I'll quench the flames of thy corrupt desire; And save thee from God's wrath, and from Hell fire . Sinner. And wilt thou pardon all the crimson sin, Of which my wilful heart hath guilty been ? Jesus. Have I not told thee I will pardon all? Hast thou sinn'd more than raging bloody Saul? Or than Manasseh's long and matchless flood Of witchcraft, rage, idolatry, and blood? That yet was pardon'd when he did return, And in his prison-irons pray and mourn. Trust me, subscribe my covenant and be mine, And I and all my benefits are thine. Sinn. 0 wondrous love! where this is kindly felt, 'l11e heart must needs with love and sorrow melt ! Wilt thou accept so vile a wretch as I ? I '11 cast myself upon thee, live or die. My soul and body here to thee I tender: All that I called mine, I here surrender. To this consent I here subscribe my hand, Whatever changes come, to this I stand : Not by my strength! I trust on thee, my Lord, 'I'hat for performance thou wilt grace afford • . Jq.nuary 26, 1661.