Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXT.ER'S POEMS. 10:3 UPON THE SIGHT OF MR. VINES's POSTHUMOUS TREATISE ON THE SACRAMENT, Oct. 18, 1656, Who died a little before. WHILE thou grew'st here, thy fruit made glad The hearts that sin and death made sad: Lest we would surfeit of thy fruit, Thy life retired to the root. Desiring with us first to keep A passover before thy sleep :ll': Weary of earth, thou took'st thine ease, Passing into the land of peace: The threaten'd evil we foresee, But hope to hide ourselves with thee. Though thou art gone, while we must fight, We '11 call it victory, not flight. When God hath taken up this Vine, We thought no more to taste its wine, Till in the land of Salem's King \Ve drink it new, e'en from the spring: But unexpectedly we find Some clusters which are left behind-: * He died suddenly on the Lord's day at night, after he had preached und administered the Sacrament.