Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. 115 Excipe, Christe, tuum; tibi vixi · errata remitte ; Spe tibi commissum perfice, Christe, tuum. Tu mortis mors es : vitre tu vita perennis. Gloria nostra tua est gloria, lumen, amor. Non loca, non cretus, non hinc sperata videntur. Optimus, omnivideus, maximus ilia videt. Tlte English verses written on a fair marble over the grave whe1·e my Wife and he1· Mother are buried, in the upper end of Christ's church chancel (b1·oken and lost by tlte fall of the church when.burnt) were these: THus must thy flesh to silent dust descend, Thy mirth and worldly pleasure thus will end: Then happy, holy souls: but woe to those, Who Heav'n forgot, and earthly pleasures chose. Hear now this preaching grave : without delay, Believe, repent, and work while it is day. GRACE. Goo's perfect power did this great world create, God's perfect wisdom all in order placed, God's perfect goodness made .all very goo~, But sin God's image on man's soul defaced. Power caus'd necessity, and wisdom order, And both by goodness caused harmony; All in one perfect frame God's glory shew, Praise him and please him with pure melody.