Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

116 BAXTER'S POEMS. Sin could not change ecessity,_nor that Disorder which God fix'd above men's reach; But the free Lord free agents also made, And there by sin free-will did make the breach. This breach to man was punishment itself, For God before had order'd nature so, That poisonwould cause pain ,andwounds cause smart, And sin to sinners misery and woe. Goodness is love delighting to do good, Wisdom resolves this foul breach to repair, And make advantage of man's sin and woe, Justice and mercy largely to declare. Hurt is soon done : the wound was quickly made, The cure must be performed by degrees: A Saviour's grc;~.ce must exercised be, Wisdom with love to do the work decrees. Man's soul incorruptible substance is, Essential life; not made itself to die. Its final state then like itself will be, Durable happiness or misery~ But it is plac'd in corruptible-flesh And the compounded frame that 's called man Must be dissolv'd; for sin hath caused death; And flesh must turn to earth, whence it began. But he who man's salvation undertook Is perfect primitive life, light, and love; . And will give compound life again to man, · In joyful glory with himself above. But as in nature God great difference made, Stones are not men ; all have their proper place ;