Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

, 118 BAXTER'S POEMS. The two first brothers did this "\-Var begin, He kill'd and conquer'd who was first by birth; He that seem'd conquer'd triumphed by death ; The victor's a curs'd vagabond on earth. This war continu'd is unto this day Between the holy and the serpent's seed, These brothers the prognostic instance were Of all that ever after should succeed. But the worst war is inward ; grace and sin, The controversy daily there debate: That which the final victory doth win, Determineth man's everlasting state. A law of grace thus made to all mankind In Adam and Noe, common roots of all, Ill entertainment with fall'n man did find, Who mostly to idolatry did fall . · The strength of sin is love to flesh and world, And averse strangeness to a better life. It stronger.grew by custom, and abhorr'd All motions tending to the soul's relief. But God's electing grace shall not be void, In Abel, Enoch, Noe, he this declared, But specially in.Abraham, whose great faith He with a special promise did reward. Not calling back the common law of grace, He chose his seed as a peculiar nation, Gave them a proper law, and of them rais'd The Lord incarnate, author of salvation . Yet was their dignity most typical, As was their law, to shew what God would do,