Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. 123 And then by it~ as his great instrument, That image prints on all that he will save. Though it belong of their resisting will, That any of this grace deprived be ; · Yet scripture and experience clearly tell, That differencing, electing grace is free. In children it appears, when God doth choose, He gives a teachable and willing mind, Good dispositions, and capacity, By gracetheir nature is to good inclin'd. Grace chooseth parents careful of their souls, Helps them to educate them in God's fear, To command virtue, and disgrace all vice, Teach them God's word, and causeth them to hear. God's seed in such is often early sow'd, And as they grow, it springs up by degrees ; As plants, and fruits, by sun and moisture grow'd, Whose present growth and :p1otion no ma~ sees. The first beginning of the Spirit's work Is in the learning mind, and fear of sin, A love and liking of good things and men, . 'Gainst sins for duty conscience strives within. Grace watcheth over them, provides them helps, Meet teachers, books, examples, company; Keeps offtemptations, causeth them to hate Lying, bad words and deeds, and ribaldry. Bad children's hearts are quite good, They love not virtue, relish not God's law; Tempting discourse, examples, vanities, Catch on their hearts, as fire doth on straw.