Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

122 BAXTER'S POEMS; Words but the vehicle of matter be, God's spirit owns not the translator's words; But if, as sig11s, they with his word agree, The sense and matter of them is the Lord's. This spirit helps the church, but not to bring Another gospel, law, or word from Heav'n) Nor mend or change God's laws in words or sense, Bttt to preach and obey the word once given. To bring new laws or messages from God, A 1)rophet's office is, and not a priest's ; To forge such, or make laws for all the church, The authors prove false prophets·, or false Christs. Christian religion is one 'stablish'd thing, ·which all the church from first to last may know, It .is not human, changeable, or new, Nor doth by men's decrees .increase and grow.- lf canons no part of religion be, But laws for rites and things indifferent; 'Vhy must all Christians needs in these agree, Or ndt agreeing by church-wars be rent? The church hath all one head, one perfect law, All justified be by Christ's blood ·and merit; All that are true, though weak, Christ doth receive, For all are sanctified by one spirit. The Holy Ghost in all true Christians dwells, He doth illuminate, and make them new : This is Christ's agent, and his body forms, His witness proving that his word is tr:ue. This spirit did the gospel first endite, And on it did God's image first engrave,